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  1. Is there any cities that currently have to minor league affiliate teams. For example, Birmingham would have the Birmingham Barons and Richmond Braves…Of course, Richmond would probably be dropped

  2. Spent more time at the Diamond (that’s the official moniker) than the average reader, so here goes…It’s an impressive AAA stadium, about 1/2 mile west of I-95 and quite visible from the I. They draw pretty well, too. It certainly compares to the Vet and RFK, if half the seating.

    The problem is that the field floods; after the last hurricane, it was literally a foot or so under water for weeks, leading to the cancellation of the rest of their home games. Apparently the drainage is unfixable, or so someone thinks.

  3. Richmond was 10th out of 14 IL teams in attendance last year, averaging 6,000 per game – many more than Ottawa, the worst team attendance-wise, but 50% fewer fans than Pawtucket and Louisville.

  4. May I suggest the Columbus (OH) Braves? I’m sick of having the Yankees’ AAA team here, especially since they started shuffling off prospects the moment they amounted to anything (and usually before).

  5. Birmingham works for me. The Sox might be world champions but I’m still not fond of their stadium or their AA affiliate.

  6. I say Chattanooga. We have a new park here, though it may be too small and Chattanooga is the worst town in America concerning supporting teams, events, and such

  7. The mayor of Richmond – you mean Damon Hollins? I’m from Orlando, and while it rains alot during the summer, it’s not enough of a problem that would deter a team from moving back here or keeping people away from the games – most of the rain is done by 5:30 anyway. The problem with Orlando is that Tinker Field – the downtown facility has gone to pot, but is the most accesible location for fans and Orlando denizens. The stadium where the Braves have their spring training is out in the Mouse’s territory and takes a good half hour from downtown and 45+ from other areas of town to get there. Basically it is a pain in the ass to get to Disney property and once you are there, the parking situation stinks and Disney reams you on concessions because . . . well they can. It also hurts that Orlando is at least two states away from every other team in the IL. As much as I love my city, I don’t think it is a viable option. I’d rather see the AAA team wind up where I went to school – in Greenville.

  8. C’mon CJ, we can dream! I live in DeLand, my only option to watch minor league ball is in Daytona…would LOVE a AAA team in Orlando, it does need one. If the Magic can squeeze 10,000 a nite out, I think we could support a team.

  9. The mayor (not The Mayor) is Douglas Wilder, the ex-governor of Virginia… I’m in Tuscaloosa, am from Birmingham. If the AAA team was in Birmingham I could see them a few times a year and their games would probably be on Birmingham radio.

    Since Steinbrenner is from the Columbus area, the Yankees’ farm team won’t leave while he’s in charge.

  10. I wonder if we could reclaim Durham from the Devil Rays–the park they’re playing in is really lovely and comfortable, while still holding onto the atmosphere of the original Durham Athletic Park as seen in Bull Durham.

  11. I’m in Richmond and all of this rallying to move the team depresses me. People who post here probably dislike the idea of blackmailing cities for new places to play, and that’s what the Braves are doing. The stadium does suck, but no one wants tax payers to pay for a new stadium.

    While Durham’s stadium is nice, I strongly doubt that the d-rays would want to give them up to the braves for any reason.

  12. Columbia has a New York Met affiliate, the Capital City Bombers. I would love to get them out of here, but our stadium would not suit a AAA team.

  13. Yeah awb is right. If they wouldn’t take Lugo for Marte, they would ask Chipper, Andruw, Smoltz, and Francoeur for Durham. Crash Davis can keep it

  14. I grew up in Raleigh and went to several Durham Bulls’ games. What a great environment. That was my 1st taste of baseball and where i caught my 1st, and last, foul ball. I saw many Braves players develop there.

    Put me in the reclaiming Durham group. In fact, I’ll lead. I hate the Devil Rays.

  15. The Richmond Braves aren’t going anywhere, except to a new stadium eventually – they’ll work something out with Richmond. There’s nothing impressive about the Diamond. It’s only 20 years old but was built on the cheap, during an off-season on the same site as the previous field, Parker Field. Chunks of concrete have fallen into the seating area, the concession areas, rest rooms, etc. are inadequate. The playing field, however, is in geat shape. They completely rebuilt it with new drainage after the flooded field fiasco during the 2004 season.

  16. The ChiSox AAA team. Well,actually they are in Rock HIll,SC (an adjacent town across the border) but are called the CHarlotte Knights

  17. The Braves own the R-Braves. I don’t think they’d look to an existing AAA market unless (a) the owners are thinking of getting out and (b) they can find someone who’s interested in putting a franchise in their town. So if the Nashville owners wanted to sell, they could broker a deal for some other municipality to buy that franchise and then move in. I doubt it, though — I think that the Nashville franchise is pretty successful. But since most cities would like to move up in rank, they’d be better set to displace a AA or AAA team — like their Durham A club was displaced.

  18. The Nashville Sounds are quite successful, it seems. I saw a few games when I was living there and there was always a great crowd. It was a lot of fun to see all the Country Music Business Bots ™ at the games. Lots of middle-aged guys in leather pants and gold chains with big-haired lady friends. Good times…

    One 4th of July I was sitting up the first base line and the folks right behind me kept talking about what was going on with the death penalty. I was like, who is talking about the death penalty at a baseball game? Finally, I turned around and who is sitting behind me? None other then Steve Earle and his family. Duh.

    I imagine they will stay in Richmond. “The Bottom” is actually very cool and the R-Braves are the best thing going in town. No real reason to move.

  19. Noahway is correct. I want to say 6-8 mill was spent. Capacity is only 12K also, if memory serves. We played there in college – VCU. Not that impressive.

  20. Craig Calcattera, do you get to the Coop very much? I am ashamed to admit this but I have never set foot there as long as I have lived in Columbus. Not even for dime a dog night. Have been meaning to get there when the R-braves have been in town but…..

    I vote for Charleston SC. Beautiful stadium on the Ashley River. Close to Atlanta. Could move the River Dogs out. I could go when I’m down there every year.

    For all of y’all that are from Richmond, watch out. Remember that the Mississippi Braves used to be the G-Braves. Greenville didn’t build a stadium and look what happened.

  21. “One 4th of July I was sitting up the first base line and the folks right behind me kept talking about what was going on with the death penalty. I was like, who is talking about the death penalty at a baseball game? Finally, I turned around and who is sitting behind me? None other then Steve Earle and his family. Duh.”

    No way, thats killer

  22. Nashville seems to have a pretty good attendance(I went to about 10-15 games last year) and they won the PCL title last year. They have a deal with Milwaukee through 2006. There’s a big push to build a new stadium downtown(much like Memphis’ stadium)with shopping, apartments, etc. there as well. Seems that Milwaukee would have first dibs on if they wanted to stay though. I would love to see the R-Braves move here though.

  23. I have been to AutoZone fieldin Memphis 10-11 times. It is better than half of the big league parks. It is right downtown and after words you can stumble over to Rendevous and get some ribs then walk down to Beal St. to finish it off. They just built a new basketball areana last summer (FedEX Forum) behind Beal St. What a party!

  24. Mac will you start a trade rummor thread or one that you make predictions of who the Braves may trade for, I think that would be fun

  25. Does anybody out there know about where the braves payroll stands right now? After freeing up all this money it doesn’t seem that they’ve spent that much and I’m just wondering how much more they can take on in their budget. This might give us an idea of how big a move that can be made.

  26. Please let them come to Durham…it hasn’t been the same since we got the damn Devil Rays AAA. Something could be arranged I am sure.

  27. Orlando would be great for the AAA Braves. Traffic is no worse here than any other large city, especially if you know where you are going and what busy interchanges to avoid. And, there has been alot of talk recently about the revitalization of the downtown area, including the TD Waterhouse, Citrus Bowl, a new performing arts center, etc… no reason that Tinker field could not be a part of that if there were a possibility of attracting a AAA ballclub. Heck, we all know that MLB doesn’t work in FL, but spring training and minor league ball works wonderfully – and we ‘lost’ the Devil Rays A team, the O-Rays, who became the Birmingham Buscuits 2 years ago. It wasn’t much, but it was all we had.

  28. “Please let them come to Durham…it hasn’t been the same since we got the damn Devil Rays AAA.”

    I dunno, i sure remember seeing the Bulls win alot, this year being the exception. More than you can say about Richmond.

  29. Orioles just inked a deal for Jeromy Burnitz at 2 years, $10-$12 million dollars.

    I’m really, really sorry, Jenny.

  30. I think at the end of next season (his second year)we should trade for Burnitz, so we can have a left handed bat off the bench that we don’t have to resign next year.

  31. urlhix,
    Love the Steve Earle story.

    BTW, y’know what team Earle is passionate about?

    The New York Yankees, and he’s still that way.

    Why? When he was a kid growing up in Texas, neither the Colt .45s nor the Rangers existed yet. He became a baseball fan in 1961, so that was the team that caught his imagination.

    Yankee allegiance notwithstanding, it should be noted that Steve Earle tends to root for underdogs. That’s certainly what makes his songwriting great. Check out the song “Billy Austin” & see if you don’t get chills. It wrecks me every time.

  32. Love the story… love Steve Earle. After the season, I thought for a while about bastardizing one of his songs as “My Old Friend the Braves.” Sure felt right at the time, but I’m a little better now :)

    So, I’m behind a little. Did we talk about this Langerhans to Cleveland rumor? It’s on “Rumor Central”, but there are no details.

  33. It’s a real rumor — reported in the Providence paper because the Indians won’t trade Coco Crisp to the Sox without a replacement. What’s particularly disgusting is the possibility of the Indians getting Andy Marte in that trade.

  34. Alex,

    It’s okay. I am numb to the Orioles’ stupidity now. In fact, when I heard of this signing, I began laughing hysterically. Let’s see how bad it can get, why not?

  35. I like how Mark DeRosa is playing for the Itallian team, even though he has probably never been to Itally. My last name is Smith, can I play for the Irish team?

  36. You guys are just lucky there isn’t a Swedish team.

    We’d wipe the diamond with you. Ya, u betcha u know der.

  37. Glad y’all liked my Steve Earle story. I’ve gotten a lot of mileage out of that one, for sure. Going to see the Sounds is like that, though. If you are fan of alt-country you will see a lot of those folks at the games.

    We were thinking about taking our annual spring training vacation during the WBC but I think I’ll pass. It sucks that it is going on right in the middle of spring training. We’re leaning towards going later in the month right now, we’ll see. I just hope no one gets injured, especially the pitchers.

  38. I’m in favor of the All-Celtic All-Stars. Anyone named “Jones” (like a third of the Welsh population has that last name) or “Davis” (most of the rest) and anyone with a “Mac/Mc” or “O'” in front of their name. Other names as well (like Maddox/Maddux).

    Let’s see…

    C Ben Davis or Brian McCann
    1B Mark McGwire (once we pump him up again)
    3B Dallas McPherson
    DH Chipper Jones
    RF Adam Dunn
    CF Andruw Jones
    LF Jacque Jones
    UO Quinton McCracken
    SP Matt Morris
    SP Greg Maddux
    CL Todd Jones or Mike MacDougal

    Still need some middle infielders and a couple more starters.

  39. good question j, but since you are not in the little circle of bloggers, then your question will probably go unnoticed, as many of my questions have likewise been looked over.

  40. good question j, but since you are not in the little circle of bloggers, then your question will probably go unnoticed, as many of my questions have likewise been looked over.

    I’m sorry – what was this referring to? I’m an idiot and can’t figure it out.

  41. IDPR(KS),

    I think this morning j asked what the Braves payroll situation is currently. I didn’t know for certain, so I didn’t answer. It’s been posted on here before, anyone remember the current numbers?

  42. Thanks AAR,

    And then insurance covers $6.5 mil of Hampton, right? And that link includes Chippers salary before the restructuring, so that’s another $5 mil. Which brings it to roughly $74 mil total. And then we let Brower go, another $1.2 mil. So we still have bucks to spend, which is, I’m guessing, what j was getting at this morning.I’m all for saving that $ if we don’t find anything worth dealing for and get someone with a big move during the season.

  43. Oh, I just realized a bunch of the rooks aren’t on that salary list (it’s late), but they aren’t making that much anyway, so it doesn’t change things, really.

  44. Johnny — late reply, but I get out to the Coop about once or twice a summer. I should go more, but I just don’t. Since I work downtown, I’d probably go more often if they built the new stadium in the Arena District. In a way that’s kind of pathetic because it’s not like the Coop is that far from downtown as it is, but it’s not like it’s easy to get inspired to go to Franklinton on a nice summer evening.

  45. new bloggers (or bloggers with just normal lingo and not baseball lingo)tend to get looked over on this blog very often. that being said,it is still my favorite site. so, no fight picking, just stating my opinion.

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