Braves Acquire Mercker From Reds

Kent was on the DL earlier this year, but has been back and pitching well for about a month in a LOOGY role. He hasn’t given up a run in August (lowering his ERA from 2.94 to 2.35 in the process), but that’s in just 4 2/3 IP, and he’s allowed nine baserunners in that time. His ERA is better than Ray King’s, but I don’t know if he’s actually better or if he’s just been luckier in the pitchers following him.

The Braves gave up a player to be named. No word on who that will be or who will be demoted. Trey Hodges is also due back from the DL. I expect Cunnane (who never pitched) is one of the demotees, with the second being Marquis or Bong.