Mercker’s back

Braves Acquire Mercker From Reds

Kent was on the DL earlier this year, but has been back and pitching well for about a month in a LOOGY role. He hasn’t given up a run in August (lowering his ERA from 2.94 to 2.35 in the process), but that’s in just 4 2/3 IP, and he’s allowed nine baserunners in that time. His ERA is better than Ray King’s, but I don’t know if he’s actually better or if he’s just been luckier in the pitchers following him.

The Braves gave up a player to be named. No word on who that will be or who will be demoted. Trey Hodges is also due back from the DL. I expect Cunnane (who never pitched) is one of the demotees, with the second being Marquis or Bong.

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  1. Looking at their splits, Mercker has been lousy coming in with nobody on base, but excellent with men on; King is just the opposite – dominates with bases empty, but couldn’t get my grandmother out with runners on base.

    Now how about a righty to replace Boom Boom?

  2. I know who he should replace… Hernandez’s 9th inning “performance” is the feather in the cap of a long and storied season. You can’t tell me that only two of the seven runs were “earned”. He earned a lot more than seven runs. And you thought Maddux had a bad outing. Besides Bong, none of the Braves relievers impressed. Cunnane had his scoreless innings streak mercilessly snapped, so it looks like he is not the answer. Also, Furcal made his 27th error, and almost made another. He may not be as bad as the errors suggest, but the range argument is starting to wear a little bit thin, and I think there is no question he needs to improve his consistency. Hopefully Mercker can add something to the pen; he certainly can’t do worse.

  3. Mercker’s not exactly the picture of self-confidence. From the AP story of his trade:

    “I was looking at the standings and they’re 12 games up,” Mercker said. “It amazes me that they want me. They got rid of me once. I guess they think with a 12-game lead, I can’t screw it up.”

    It’s like he’s reading my mind…

  4. Baseball America is reporting that the PTBNL is minor leaguer Matt Belisle. The back injuries have really derailed him, but there is still a lot of upside for Belisle. For a 35 year old who has 40 innings this season of good, but not excellent work and, before this year, who hasn’t had an ERA below 4.75 since 1997 … ugh.

  5. I think had Cory Aldridge as the PBTNL. I like that one better. Hopefully it isn’t Belisle.

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