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Caray, Van Wieren getting second look

The idiot suits might be re-thinking their disasterous decision to demote Skip and Pete to radio. Ratings have plunged from the highest baseball on cable to even with ESPN, and I doubt that any non-Braves fans suddenly have been drawn to TBS’ broadcasts because it’s not “Braves Baseball” anymore.

I bet the idiots stick with it anyway. It’s a test of their masculinity. If they go back on their decision, that means that the viewers have larger penises than them.

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  1. Um, thanks for that analysis, Sigmund Thomason :-)

    I found this part interesting:

    Recent travails of ex-Braves: Tom Glavine is 0-5 with an 8.16 ERA since a 5-3 start for the Mets; Kevin Millwood is 2-5 with a 6.00 ERA since a 7-1 start (and a no-hitter) for the Phillies; Damian Moss is 2-6 with a 7.47 ERA since a 5-0 start for the Giants.

    If this season is any indicator at all, the Glavine contract is really going to suck for the Mets. Heh.

  2. Is it too much to ask that you abstain from vulgarity? Not only in the future, but suppose you remove the item in question from the post in question?

    I’d really be much obliged – although I must say that simply deleting it won’t take care of the real problem.

    At any rate, thanks very much in advance.


    Kent D Will
    North Carolina

  3. Haha! I was totally offended too!

    By the Joe and Don telecasts, though, not the weener-reference.

  4. I say you should just randomly throw the word “penis” into every thing you write on this site for the next week or so.

  5. “The Braves rebounded penis from a 20-1 beating penis, and beat the Marlins penis 16-1. Darren Bragg finally got a multi-hit penis game, going 4-4 with 4 grand penis slams.”

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