11 thoughts on “Bad news”

  1. This is really the first time all season I’ve been somewhat worried. When the offense was down, you could say to yourself ” thats ok, the bats will come around “, but with KolBB on fritz and Hampton down, and NOW Thompson, who I think has been the most consisten guy in the rotation, I’m worried. So now what? Take Benero out of the pen and back to the rotation? then what? Bad time for the injury bug to start biting. Anyone of interest out there on the waiver wire?

  2. Uh oh. Any reason to take a flyer on Davies in my fantasy league? I’m thinking his ERA will stay around 5 while he’s up.

  3. Davies had an outside shot at being the number 5 starter this year, if Horam’s health wasn’t up to par. Now we give the kid a chance to shine. Hope things work out for him.

  4. Let’s here from all those folks who thought it was a good idea to move Smoltz back to the closer role ;)

  5. They had Leo on the radio today and his exact words were “Oh my God!” when told by the announcers that JS said Thomson would be out 2-3 months. It was the first he had heard of it.

    Another great quote referring to Kolb without saying him by name. “You can’t pitch when you are scared.” It was obvious who he was talking about.

  6. Mmm, let’s see, yup, it’s the middle of May! Time for a disaster! Anyone remember this time last year? We’d just lost Marcus, got 18 K’d, got perfected, and were about to lose Rochy. We aren’t there yet, and please don’t let this be the beginning!

  7. This really sucks. This year’s team relies heavily on the strong 5-man rotation. Ramirez will have to pick up his game, but he doesn’t seemed to have fully recovered from shoulder trouble. Hopefully Kyle Davies will give us a little something. We now have to battle through the summer without Thomson.

  8. I love Davies, but based on his performance this year at Richmond and during ST, his command and propensity to give up the long ball still need work. Both of those traits are bad ones to have against the Red Sox (a very patient team with tons of power) that are magnified by playing them in Fenway (a homer-happy park). I wish him well, but these are far from ideal circumstances.

  9. I agree with Kyle. Everyone is assuming he will get the call, but I’m not so sure. It he’s having trouble in AAA… I hope they call up Greisinger for Kyle’s sake. We need him to get on track so he can jump in the rotation when Horacio becomes Albie Lopez.

  10. As someone mentioned, he missed his start in Richmond yesterday, so for better or for worse he’ll be in Boston tomorrow. Good luck, kid.

  11. Hell, I’ll take some of that action. I would love to see Smoltz back in the closers role. At least then we could get a win when the other pitchers give up the ball. Right now, no pitcher is getting a win. And what’s the point of having Smoltz pitch 8 innings and give up 1 run only to have the closer turn it into a wasted night?

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