Too late?

Cox demotes Kolb from closer’s role |

It looks like closer-by-committee for now, with Adam Bernero perhaps as chair. Reitsma, Foster, and Sosa are also mentioned as members. Kolb goes to the role he’s best suited for, pitching in lost causes. He apparently looked “distraught” upon hearing the news. Another good nickname for him would be Captain Clueless.

5 thoughts on “Too late?”

  1. Wonder if he destroyed another water cooler. I wish someone would break one over his head.

  2. I just thought of one. The Waterboy Danny Kolb-cher.

    You can do it!

    He forgets how to pitch and isn’t allowed in the big game…

    Oh no! We suck again!

    Now we just need a triumphant return…

  3. I finally got to see KolBB melt down in person. I caught the last two games in San Diego and man do I wish I stayed home. It’s always fun to see the guys in person, especially living in Arizona, but to sit with your family and watch the stunning work of your hero undone again really hurts.

    It was a lot different last year when I saw Andruw hit the two-run GW bomb off of Hoffman…

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