Extension, sort of

Braves invest in Marrero

Really, this is more of a renegotiation, saving a little money now and tacking on an extra year in compensation. The AJC says that he’s a “utilityman”, thereby contradicting speculation I’ve seen in the national media that Marrero is going to catch.

3 thoughts on “Extension, sort of”

  1. There’s some speculation over on FanHome about what this means. Dropping a million in 2004 is interesting. Are the Braves looking to add another player and need the million? Is Estrada on the trading block? Were the Braves one million over the budget and AOL got antsy?

  2. Mac, regardless of what is being written/said in the national media, I think the Braves view Marrero as a “super utility man” who can also catch. That’s why they signed Eddie Perez; to allow Marrero to pinch-hit and spell the outfielders and not be glued to the bench like past Atlanta back-up catchers. Of course, if Perez goes 1-for-30 in the spring or gets hurt, that could change.

  3. Even if Eddie sucks in the spring, he’s signed for two seasons at guaranteed money.

    What unnerves me is this speculationin the AJC that Marrero is also insurance for RF in case Drew leaves as a free agent after the season. I hope they don’t have some sort of indication that this is actually the case, that’d be a recipe for one sucky offense.

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