REPORT: Braves sign Wilson Alvarez & Arthur Rhodes –

No news link yet. But it would be a good move if true. Rhodes was the best lefty reliever on the market in my opinion. He had a rough 2003 (still better than the league) but he was really good in 2001-02 and should fill the hole — never really filled last year — left by Mike Remlinger.

After disappearing from the face of the Earth when he blew out his arm, Alvarez resurfaced in 2002 in Tampa (in the last year of a big pre-injury deal), where he did nothing to warrant continuing his career. The Dodgers signed him to a minor-league deal, he eventually was called up, and was great. He started out as a reliever, but then turned to a starter at the end of the year, going 6-2 with a 2.37 ERA in that role. I’d guess that the Braves would use him as a swingman fifth starter/reliever. He was a lot better in Dodger Stadium than on the road, and while Turner Field isn’t exactly a bandbox that’s something to keep an eye on.

UPDATE: Maybe I jumped the gun. If the signings were done there’d be a news story by now and there isn’t. We’ll see.