Just to clarify… I will call a player out if he’s not performing. That’s easy. I won’t be personally mean to a player unless he says or does something outrageous. Dan Kolb, with his “leadoff walks don’t bother me” nonsense and his apparent feelings of entitlement to the closer role, has become the seventh Brave to meet this lofty standard. The others, in reverse chronological order:

Rafael Furcal… For DUI #2.
Keith Lockhart… For attacking Bobby Cox for not playing him when he was hugging the Mendoza line and Bobby had been propping his sorry career up for three years.
John Rocker… Oh, you know this one.
Kenny Lofton… For the whole “The Braves wouldn’t let me play my music loud” thing.
David Justice… For fanbaiting at the World Series.
Deion Sanders… For just being himself.

Therefore, attacks on Kolb in the future will have less to do with his sorry play and more to do with his sorry ass. Expect to see moronic ramblings supposedly written by the pitcher. Attacks on his fitness, personal hygeine, and family. Finding out his email address and signing him up for spam. If anyone out there can draw a little (I can’t) or has some Photoshop skills (I don’t) I have some cartoon ideas I’d like to do.