Rhodes in? Alvarez out?

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The Tacoma paper reports that the Braves have signed Arthur Rhodes to a three-year deal pending a physical. I’m not comfortable with that deal length, but I expect that’s what had to be done to make it.

The LA Times says that the Dodgers have re-signed Wilson Alvarez. But it’s an odd announcement because it also mentions the news from Saturday about Juan Encarnacion. Assuming that Alvarez wasn’t brought in, I wonder who the other player signed yesterday was.

3 thoughts on “Rhodes in? Alvarez out?”

  1. Had to share this line from the latest Baseball Prospectus Mock Winter Meetings story:

    Assuming Adam LaRoche can step in at first base when Julio Franco has to attend his grandchildren’s graduations, the Braves only need a backstop and a bullpen and they’ll be in good shape.

    That’s funny …

  2. Did the Braves actually sign Rhodes? I saw something today saying he was close to a deal- or maybe that he had signed one- with the A’s. Anyone know?

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