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As noted in comments. Anyway…

1. White sucked, putting up a 4.32 ERA this spring.

2. But Tom Martin sucked big time, with an 11.74 ERA so far.

3. But the Braves saved $452,000 by releasing White now, because his contract wasn’t guaranteed.

4. While they’re on the hook for half of Martin’s $1.8 million this season (the Dodgers picking up the other half) no matter what.

5. But the actual saving on White’s release is only $152,000, because even if he’s replaced by someone making the minimum, that minimum is still $300,000.

6. There is no #6.

7. The Yankees probably spend $152,000 a year on Post-It notes.

8. The Braves seem to favor Adam Bernero over Buddy Hernandez, even though Hernandez has been great and Bernero hasn’t gotten anyone out in two weeks. They might both make the team anyway with White’s release.

9. They will both vegetate because there isn’t enough work for six righthanded relievers.

10. Tom Paciorek was openly rooting for Pete Orr to make the team instead of Wilson Betemit today.