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  1. I say lets tell our best Rathburn and Torborg stories. I’ll start…

    nevermind, I dont have any they suck!

  2. Once again, the Braves Injury Bug smites an unworthy player. Our good ones- except for Chipper and McCann- have been unscathed. Of course, we don’t have that many good ones.

    1914 Update:

    NY Giants 59-48 (–)
    Boston Braves 59-49 (.5 GB)
    St. Louis Cardinals 62-53 (1)
    Chicago Cubs 59-53 (2.5)
    Philadelphia Phillies 51-58 (9)
    Cincinnati Reds 52-60 (9.5)
    Pittsburgh Pirates 50-59 (10)
    Brooklyn Robins 49-61 (11.5)

    Today’s Game:

    Bost 110 030 000 – 5 9 2 LP- Rudolph
    Cubs 130 010 04x- 9 10 2 WP- Cheney

    The Braves gained a share of the lead without playing yesterday; the Giants (rained out in St. Louis) got the lead back without playing today. This loss breaks Rudolph’s personal 11-game winning streak.

  3. I remember in 1967, Sandy Koufax had just retired, and he visited the Dodgers in spring training for a game against the Senators. Frank Howard got him in a bear hug and accidentally ruptured his spleen. He had to have it removed, of course, and I stuffed and mounted it on my wall. Every day I touch Sandy Koufax’s spleen for good luck.

  4. I hope he doesn’t go after Lidge. Lidge sucks now. Oh wait. Is that why you said JS would go after him a la Kolb?

  5. I should point out that Torborg’s career line was .214/.268/.265. Maybe Big Tony meant that L’il Tony will eventually hit more than the Braves’ announcers. (Simpson: .242/.289/.317; Sutton .144/.183/.157.)

  6. Well, folks, looks like Kevin Barry will be getting another shot. I guess. At least we can guess that that four-walk thing the other night was a fluke.

  7. Ron, exactly. We’ll make the comment about the change of scenery thing.

    poll conducted by Sports Illustrated.

    Cox was picked first on 30 percent of the ballots cast by 470 players in the American and National Leagues. He was followed by Detroit’s Jim Leyland (18 percent), the Yankees’ Joe Torre (12 percent), and St. Louis’ Tony La Russa (10 percent).

    Players could not vote for their own team’s manager.

    Washington’s Frank Robinson was selected as the worst manager on 17 percent of the ballots, followed by the Rangers’ Buck Showalter (15 percent).

    In the magazine’s 2005 poll, Cox was a runaway winner with 37 percent of the vote. Robinson was also picked as worst manager in the 2005 SI players poll.

  8. I felt as helpless as lil Tony at the plate…

    There were 28 questions, and I think I have about 7 correct. So, it’s safe to say that I didn’t pass that course..
    Atleast my teacher won’t have to spend alot of time grading it…

    But thnx for caring Kaitlin, that was very kind of you. :)

  9. Davey, that was very thoughtful of you. The teacher has to be busy these days and you made his/her work load a little lighter. You passed in my book

  10. No problem! :D

    I had quiz today and considering I hate math, I think I did pretty well. But still…..ICK! I really hate that class, the teacher is super-boring and she doesn’t like me at all cause I never shut up.

  11. Yes csg..,

    The lecturer/teacher owns his own company…he’s busy throughout the day, setting up networks…doing wiring, setting up routers, and switches and acces points..and network operating systems

    So, the man is a busy man, and I saved him plenty of time. I feel good abou that…

  12. Ah…I hope you did well then.

    I didn’t pass my math course either. The teacher looked like a troll and I couldn’t concentrate. I kept staring at the brillo pad that she considers to be hair.

    Dayum, it just hit me. I failed 10 of my courses till now :(

  13. This is what I’ve failed during the past 2 years..

    Principles of Internetworking
    Principles of E-Programming
    Database Technologies 2
    Management Skills 4
    Financial Management 2
    Law 1+2

    I think the fact that I’m doing it in the advanced course, it became to much for me. Not enough time to do so many things. So, im just going to take it easy now..and finish whatever I can finish.

  14. That alot of Math and Computer classes. If makes you feel any better, I’m not very good at Math or Computer Tech either.

    You took Dutch though? Interesting. I’m taking Latin and so far, it’s been my favorite class. But that also has a lot to do with the teacher being very good at what she does.

  15. Dutch is the native language where we live. Dutch and Papiamentu. So, it’s a must.

    Most people here speak 4 languages. Dutch, papiamentu, English and Spanish. Most decent jobs here require that you speak all four.

  16. Really? Wow, the only other language we would have to speak would be Spanish because so many hispanic people are moving here.

    I’m taking Latin because most college require a foreign language and I wanted to major in Physical/Sports Therapy.

    Which requires medical school. Fun stuff.

  17. Yeah…4 languages is normal here. It’s standard actually.
    People that have taken either French or German in school here, can talk 5 or 6 then.

    Physical/Sports Therapy sounds pretty sweet.

  18. oh wait, there isn’t much worth talking about….We suck, but not as bad as Torborg. If you look up the definition in Webters.

    Suck –

  19. I can only speak English and translate a bit of Latin. That’s it.

    Yeah, I’ve always loved baseball and wanted to do something medical, so I figured why not combine the two. :)

  20. Appendicitis 1, Braves 0?

    This really just isn’t the Braves’ year. We trade for a guy and his appendix bursts…. I guess there’s nothing to do at this point but laugh. :-D

  21. I love it, csg! Back to sports…

    Well, Houston’s playing Pittsburgh
    St. Louis is playing the Mets
    And Cinncinati is playing San Francisco

    Cincy and San Francisco are both ahead of us in the wildcard, but the Giants are 4 behind Cincy, so we need them to win, the Mets to beat St. Louis *shudder*, and Pittsburgh to beat Houston.

    Chicago beat the Phils 11-2 and the Brewers beat the Rockies, 12-6.

  22. Actually the bullpen is involved, so appendicitis might score a few more. Fortunately, our offense will make sure to score just enough keep things close in a losing effort because, after all, it is so much better to lose 4-3 or 8-6 than it is to lose 4-0 or 8-1, right?

  23. Now I know why Horacio is not so good (and I’m thinking about the phrase from Bull Durham…”Don’t think Meat. Just pitch.”). Here’s Horacio on a losing home record:

    “I just think that when we play here, the other team scores more runs than we do,” he said with a shrug. “It’s just once of those freak things that happens.”

    He has a firm grasp on the obvious. Now back to your regularly scheduled programming…

  24. here’s what we have experienced this year.

    5 Tommy John surgeries – Hampton, Boyer, Foster, Reitsma, KJ
    Shoulder Injury – Thomson
    Hamstring – Smoltz, Stockman, Ramirez, LaRoche
    Torn Tendon – Ramirez
    Appendix removed – Baez
    Oblique pulls or strains – Chip, Renteria, James
    Torn Groin – Davies
    Broken Clavicle – Jordan (good excuse)
    Knee problems and back problems – Andruw and Chipper
    Unknown – Huddy
    Forearm – McBride
    Ankle – McCann
    Multiple Hand Problems – Giles
    Broken Hand – Aybar
    Broken Spirits – All of Us

  25. you were correct!

    NEW YORK –The Atlanta Braves activated pitcher Horacio Ramirez on Saturday and placed pitcher Chuck James on the 15-day disabled list with a strained right hamstring. May 05

  26. I guess that’s what JS did last offseason. He found the slippers and by passed all the teams needs!

  27. I wasn’t sure either, but the hamstring thing sounded right.

    I still love to watch the games, even if we are 18.5 games behind the Mets. I want us to reach .500, I would love to see McCann win the batting title, and I just plain out enjoy enjoy watching them play.

    But it would be even better if we won more games than we lost.

  28. I’d also like to see Smoltz get to 15 wins. He deserves it, especially after the wins the bullpen has cost him over the last two seasons. I’d also like to see McCann qualify for the batting title, even if he doesn’t win. He deserves the opportunity to win it. I’m glad Laroche is hitting so well, and the one other thing I’d really like to see is Francoeur working on his plate discipline.

  29. Davey Jones, why aren’t you out scouting the fields of Curacao finding us the next Andruw? Man, I’d love to visit there some time.

    By the way, do you know anything about Andruw’s family? From what I can tell, he didn’t grow up dirt poor like, for instance, Vlad Guerrero did, but I really don’t know much about him or what Curacao is like.

  30. Well Kyle…you should visit. It’s nice down here…tourists love it.

    You’re right, I should be out there finding us the next Andruw. I wonder if any of the kids that became LLWS champions a few years ago can continue to develop and turn into big leaguers.
    There are some other Curacao guys playing in the minor leagues of some other teams…but none are close to Andruw

  31. Well, I know where Andruw’s parents live. They live very close to my aunt..and also very close to my dad.

    Andruw has helped his parents rebuild their house and make it pretty nice…

    But besides that, all I know is that his dad was always very caring, and always very involved in his career…and his development.

  32. Obviously we can’t blame McDowell for all of the injuries to our pitching staff, but I believe that he bears some of the responsibility. A pitching coach should have a training regiment that helps get pitchers in shape (we lost several in the first month or so) and he should constantly be monitoring their mechanics.

    The Baez injury and I would think Ramirez’s latest injury (among others) have nothing to do with training/mechanics, but I believe a few others do. Anyone have thoughts on this?

  33. Just walked in the door from a week in Atlantic City to see Columbus, Ga., (my hometown) win to get to the US finals of the Little League World Series.

    And, yes, the Baez story is like karma taking another 14-year dump on us.

  34. Good point, TD. Everyone is saying that Leo only did so well because he had Maddux, Glavine, Smoltz, etc. Well, the Cubs had Prior, Wood, and Zambrano, who were possibly more talented. Look where that got them. There’s something to be said for keeping your arms healthy.

  35. td, I dont think you can blame McDowell for the injuries at all. Most of the injuries have been due to other things. Mostly hamstrings or torn tendons, etc. That is due to a lack of stretching and/or other outside factors. From what we hear, the players aren’t telling anyone about there injuries and they try and play through them. Instead of being on the Dl or missing a start we are losing them for the entire season. That falls solely on the players responsibilty of letting the trainers know.

    I may be wrong

  36. Just got back from a big DJ convention in Atlantic City with attendees from all over the country. Here are the basic responses from the show’s baseball fans about their teams.

    Braves Fans: A freaky-bad season, just don’t let the Mets win their last game, and when does football season start?

    Boston & New England fans: Stunned disbelief, much wound-licking. Was in an Irish Pub with a bunch of BoSox fans for the end of the Sunday night game vs. NYY. Some think the 5-game sweep deballed the team & they’re over. For the first time in a while, they were speechless.

    Yanks: Pretty cocky. Lotsa Yankee gear in the house. The Mussina news wasn’t good, but they were pretty fat & happy.

    Mets: Nervousness about Glavine, etc., turned to cockiness. I heard two guys debating about who they wanna play in the WS and whether they wanna play the Yankees or somebody else. I didn’t tell ’em that they get a bye to the WS. Hopefully, they’ll find that out the hard way.

    Pirates: All Steeler talk. All the time.

    Reds: All Ohio State talk. All the time.

    Orioles: Groan.

    Nationals: Groan.

    Cubs: Groan.

    Sox: We’re gonna win it again. Our offense, our pitching, blah-blah-blah. Fact is, I personally believe the winner of that looming first-round matchup with the Yanks will go all the way.

    Phillies: “Hey, can you believe we’re over .500?” Followed by a dozen reasons why they’ll fail. Phillies fans don’t see the glass half full or half empty—they don’t see the glass at all.

    Off to Ibiza tomorrow. Check in next week.

  37. Anyone else here who would just love to see the Mets get swept in the first round?

    Getting swept in the first round is almost as bad to the fans as not making it at all.

    Even Schuerholz can see by this season that you don’t go into a season with no real closer.

  38. Also, keep in mind Foster and Boyer were hurt under Leo. Reitsma, Davies, and Horacio hid their injuries until after it was too late. I think this responsibility falls solely on the players.

    Wryn, I had heard that rumor!

  39. Hire Mike Marshall. He claims to have a system that will keep pitchers healthy, but no one will hire him because he is too controversial.

    Otherwise, injuries are bad luck. It’s silly to blame McDowell for injuries. Leo was exceptionally lucky for a lot of years, but he didn’t keep Smoltz or Hampton from blowing out their elbows.

    JS did what he could to get a closer. There were none out there that he could afford. No one thought at the time that Jones or Wickman were worth the money. Now, people will expect him to overpay for a closer and then when he struggles, blame him for spending too much.

  40. I think we could have gotten Wickman and or Jones for a reasonable price. A two year deal isn’t that bad of a contract to offer for someone w/ their type of experience. I would rather have lost money on someone with a good track record than someone like Reitsma who we all know couldn’t handle that job or any other job for that matter. Reitsma has never earned that kind of money and we gave it to him. 2yr/8-10 mil could have gotten Wickman or Jones and I would rather chance it with them rather than Reitsma. Just my feelings though..

  41. We’ll see. I dunno of Baez has any arbitration left. If so, we’ll hold onto him. Wickman may resign, he may not. I don’t think we need to over-pay for him. We’ll have Boyer and Devine coming back, and who knows. Reitmsa may return to non-sucky form and be a decent 3rd or 4th arm. I think we’ll be okay for next year, and I wouldn’t look for any major moves to happen this off-season unless they involve Andruw resigning or being traded.

  42. I dunno of Baez has any arbitration left.

    Nope. It was part of an unusual contract he signed after he fled from Cuba – no right by the team to offer arbitration.

  43. I am 87% sure Giles is going to be moved. I think this offseason we will make a few aggressive moves to show Andruw and Smoltz that we are commited to winning the whole thing so they will want to stay.

  44. It’d be nice, csg, but I don’t see how else we fill out a rotation without signing a big free agent. Davies is our probable 2007 fifth starter/ swingman. Or unless we get one for Giles (I’m pretty sure Smitty’s right).

  45. Devine should not be rushed back to the majors. I only hope that his odyssey does not permanently affect his development.

    I am afraid that Boyer reminds me of McGlinchey.

    Getting another starter has got to be our chief priority (assuming Wickman stays) in the offseason.

  46. 3 huge deals in the offseason

    Moving Giles for a starter
    Resigning Andruw and Smoltz, or moving Andruw for a stock pile of players
    Resigning Wickman

  47. Wickman only does 1 year deals, and considers retirement after each season.

    I have the feeling that the Braves are number three on his list behind going back to Cleveland or retiring.

  48. I think Cleveland pissed him off about their comments. I think we maybe second, right behind retirement…

  49. That sounds right and it also something that JS can get done.

    Giles may well go, but we will probably have to give up more to get a quality starter….

  50. Why would the Braves resign Smoltz when they have an option for 2007 and he said he’d retire after the 2007 season?

    And please, please stop with the Boyer/Devine/Foster junk. They wouldn’t have made this bullpen good. Are some here really suggesting another year of unproven talent?

  51. A healthy Boyer would be an effective addition to any bullpen; whether we see that again is an open question.

    I agree about Devine, who was almost certainly a victim of a bad situation (rushed to the majors due to Kolb) and overhype.

    Unfortunately, it has to be said that there were times this season when Foster would have been an asset.

  52. I just dont think Smoltz will give it up after next year. I think Js will be discussing future plans with Smoltz this offseason and see if he still has the same thoughts about retiring.

    Boyer would have helped and Foster could have been an improvement over Remlinger I guess. Devine needs to be left out of all comments until he proves he can do something in AA ball 1st…

  53. Rob Neyer completely lost his mind in his chat today.

    Here’s a few nuggets:

    After dubbing Hafner the best hitter in baseball

    Mike (St. Louis): Travis Hafner is the best hitter in baseball every season???? I think Albert Pujols might disagree with you.

    Rob Neyer: (12:34 PM ET ) If Pujols played in a real league he’d be lucky to bat .260 with 20 home runs.

    And more idiocy…

    B-Diddy (Chicago): .260 and 20 HRs for Pujols in the AL!! So you’re saying a guy like Torii Hunter is a better hitter? Care to recant?

    Rob Neyer: (1:00 PM ET ) That’s exactly what I’m saying. And if Neifie Perez played in the National League he’d bat .320 and draw 75 walks.

    Someone should tell Rob that Neifi did play in the NL. And he didn’t hit .320. Or draw 75 walks.

    I didn’t believe it was him at first, but here’s the proof.

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