So says Uncle Dwight – MLB – Sheffield’s call? He’d like to be a Yankee

Sheffield’s uncle, Doc Gooden, says that the Yankees are Sheffield’s first choice. Bearing in mind that Dwight used to do a lot of drugs, it’s probably true. That being said, the money they’re supposedly offering doesn’t seem that high — it’s actually less than the Braves paid him. If they don’t come up, I think he’s still in play.

6 thoughts on “So says Uncle Dwight”

  1. The numbers will come up. Our only hope is that it takes too long and Sheffield gets pissed off with the Yankees.

  2. If Sheff goes to the Yankees, all I can say is he’d better damned well hit in the postseason like he has for the Braves.

    In other news, I was perusing the HACKING MASS standings today, and it looks like Mac’s team was one of the very worst, especially considering that a few below him were overly trying to lose!


  3. If Sheff were smart he’d try to get himself into a hitter’s park for a change to help is HOF chances. He’s played his last 10 seasons in pitcher friendly parks (Pro Player, Dodger Stadium, The Ted), and a move to Yankee Stadium would be no relief.

    Of course that’s assuming things like 500 home runs and the HOF mean something to Sheff. A big assumption considering that he has shown no concern for anything in his career except money.

  4. I’m actually hoping he does jump ship. I’d rather sign a younger player with the money. my pipe dream of course, is vlad.

  5. Our hero’s white hot, blinding hatred for that unmentionable team grew by the minute…

    Dammit I don’t want to start hating Sheff!

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