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Jorge Sosa‘s a live arm, who has spent three years in the majors now moving between starting and relieving without much success. His career ERA is 5.17 and last season it was 5.53, 6.10 as a reliever. What he has going for him is a 98 MPH fastball and nearly a strikeout an inning. What he has going against him are control problems and home run problems. Sosa has enough talent to have been drafted twice in the Rule 5 draft. He’s been bad enough to be exposed to the Rule 5 draft and also to have been allowed to leave on waivers. I assume that the Braves saw something here they can fix, because otherwise I don’t get it. If Buddy Hernandez gets sent down to AAA to make room for this guy, the Braves aren’t being serious.

Sosa had a fairly massive platoon split last season. Righthanders hit only .236/.329/.344 against him, but lefties hit .283/.368/.565, with 14 homers in only 191 AB. His career splits are .222/.303/.364 and .297/.386/.498. Hard to use a starter who’s that vulnerable to lefthanded hitting.

Green’s a decent utility player but replaceable; the Braves didn’t have to trade him, though. Pete Orr will likely take his spot, unless the Braves decided to go with an extra outfielder (presumably Esix Snead) instead.