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  1. We can almost use a young pitcher who doesn’t walk people seeing how most of our recent pitching prospects have been a little wild.

  2. At least we got a “prospect” for him….better than what we got for Langerhans or Aybar…

  3. responding to Cliff from the last thread…

    Entering Friday, Bennett, Ryan Drese and Buddy Carlyle — who is out of options — all were considered candidates for one of the final roster spot.

    This is a quote from the Braves website. This makes it sound like Carlyle is out of options or am I reading it wrong?

  4. Good thing we get the Pirates first. Yates will be out of the game by June, so we will get to unleash our frustraions on him.

  5. Well, I’m really going to miss all those 2/3 of an inning 2 BB 2H 2 ER appearances…

    Naw, I’m not…

  6. No more Yates, who gets the Gryboski treatment now? As in, who does Bobby designate as the disposable arm in the pen and use six times a week?

  7. Alex R., not according to the stats. With the Braves.


    4-8 4.66ERA 131G 116IP 106H 60ER 62BB 115K 1.44WHIP


    11-3 3.9ERA 109G 168IP 168H 73ER 59BB 113K 1.35WHIP

  8. Oscar was pretty good for us. I don’t think Bobby used him properly in 07.

    I nominate Ohman for the Goat of the Pen this year.

  9. i think they will protect Boyer. Moylan theoretically wouldn’t throw as many innings if he is going to be a “set up” man. Ohman should get quite a few innings, like Mahay did. I think its most likely to be Resop that gets abused, despite the arm surgery, or maybe Acosta, he seemed to pitch a lot at the end of the year

  10. oh and csg,

    Alex hates Oscar, regardless of his numbers in comparison to Yates. To be honest, i preferred Yates with rest to Oscar as well.

  11. I know, I was just giving Alex a hard time. Bobby destroyed Yates last year and that hurt his overall numbers a bit, but in all honesty, we’ve had a lot worse than Oscar

  12. All in all, Villarreal wasn’t bad for the Braves. But it’s hard to forgive the Vulture for blowing so many games for so many pitchers.

    Actually, you know what? They should just get rid of the “win” statistic.

  13. What on earth are the Pirates thinking? It’s not that Redmond is awesome or that Yates is horrendous, but why on earth do they dump a young guy with some upside for a $800k spare part for a season in which the team will undoubtedly suck.

  14. JC, it would’ve been a smart move for someone like the Yanks, Red Sox, Mets, or Tigers, but I agree with you. Why would they want him? Reminds me of the Matt Morris deal

  15. I was always kind of indifferent on Yates. I think he would have been much better if he was properly used, but he was never going to great, and never going to be terrible. Eh. At least we picked up a spare part.

  16. Eh. We get a B- starting prospect for a disposable bullpen guy. This is unlikely to be a trade we celebrate or deeply regret.

  17. I’ll be mocked wildly, but I’ll go on record here and predict that Saltalamacchia is a bust and never pans out.

  18. The O’s analysis is bitter for the sake of being bitter. The same analysis could probably have been written about the Braves in 1988 or so.

  19. While this is a case of unloading a useless contract before waivers and we get nothing for Yates, there have been some bad trades and pickups.

    I posted my favorite Worst Braves of All Time today.

    Come check it out.


  20. Agreed, JC. I’m worried the Pirates are going to keep sucking for a long, long time, because this is exactly the kind of impulsive tinkering that crappy teams do because they have no idea how to do the big picture: see Royals, Kansas City.

    In fairness, though, Redmond sucks. Yates won’t help at the major league level, but Redmond wouldn’t have, either.

    I don’t think you could reasonably call him a B- prospect.

  21. JB in ATL,
    We can reach your website by clicking on your name. That’s the reason you filled in that part of your log-in info. You don’t need to post the link at the bottom of every comment you make.

  22. Braves blogs are not like the Highlander, there can be more than one. It’s actually quite common to promote your own blog when you post on others. I’ve got no problem with it.

  23. That’s pretty harsh AAR.

    Redmond’ career minor league era is 3.18, I believe. I don’t think you can say with full confidence that he will never help at the major league level.

  24. Yes, there can be more than one. I read more than one, although you can probably tell from the comment count to the right which is my favorite. And I didn’t mind or say anything about it the first (or second, or third) time it was done. But I find it distasteful to continue doing it every single time, especially when, as I noted above, it’s already being linked to in his name.

  25. I don’t think you could reasonably call him a B- prospect.

    He’s got good control which is sometimes half the battle. His K rate isn’t too bad, RA is under 4 career. No star potential, but could be useful at some point.

    I don’t know why the Pirates would do this either, but…it’s the Pirates so I’m not going to worry about it too much.

  26. I’ve never clicked on anyone’s name here before. I assumed it linked to their email address. Then again, I don’t see any comment count out to the right so maybe I’m just dumb. Even so, I still have no problem with posters pimping their own blogs and I find it far more distasteful to complain about someone who is in effect trying to add useful information to this forum/blog. Why did I de-lurk for this?

  27. If someone has a comment that’s in the thread of conversation, let them link. I don’t care. I only care if they’re spamming, and JB isn’t.

  28. Who cares? I like the link to the other site

    I know I’m horrified to find links to other Braves related content when I’m reading about the Braves. Some people have no shame.

    (This would be a good time to calibrate your sarcasm detector. It should be going off right now)

  29. Sorry dont know what happened there…todays game

    Bennett throws four scoreless, with only 1 hit. Im getting a little worried about KJ. Another 0-2 game for him, meanwhile Prado came in for him and went 2-3. Umm, are we looking at another platoon with KJ this year??

  30. “Umm, are we looking at another platoon with KJ this year??”

    I don’t think so. If the Braves were going to do that, they would have done it last season when Prado had a great spring training and there were real questions about Kelly Johnson.

    But Bobby Cox is the manager, so expect more playing time for Prado than most would like. Who do you think he’ll start against Oliver Perez? I bet it won’t be Johnson.

  31. Dan,

    So… that means that Escobar will be leading off with Kotsay hitting second, I’d wager.

    Or the other way around…

    God, I think I scared myself…

  32. Redmond won’t help in 2008, and it would be a reach to say he’ll help in 2009, but maybe in 2010 after good seasons in Mississippi and Gwinnett (oops, won’t be Richmond anymore). His control is major league, but his stuff isn’t yet. Maybe it won’t ever be. I stand by the B- grade.

    As for the Pirates, they seem likely to set the new record for consecutive nonwinning seasons- they just need to not win 81 games this year or next, and there’s no reason to believe that they will.

    I honestly cannot see KJ being platooned now that Infante’s out, but maybe I’m giving Cox too much credit. Not even against Oliver Perez.

  33. I will say two things:

    1. It’s better to link to the post in question;
    2. You need to be careful, because the spam filter is unpredictable and may think you’re a robot.

  34. I posted this over at JB’s site, but I wanted to see what you guys thought:

    I liked the worst Braves team, though I would have definitely included Reggie Sanders. Man, did he suck for us. I would also say Henry Blanco maybe should have been on the team, though he was excellent defensively if my memory serves me right (I was 15 then). Vinny Castilla (the first year), Jesse Garcia, Robert Fick (bushleague play against the Cubs considered), Ed Giovanola (what did he do well?), Odalis Perez, and Rubber-Armed Terry Mulholland are all good bets for the team, methinks.

  35. Orr and Langerhans were demoted today by the Nats.

    We have to sit back and realize that we carried two guys the past three years who weren’t good enough to hold a roster spot with the Natspos. Yikes.

  36. I say that if Prado is outhitting KJ a month in I’ll be very surprised. I don’t mean hitting .300/.310/.310 when KJ is hitting .270/.370/.480.

  37. I don’t think you want McCann clogging up the bases in front of Chipper, Tex and Frenchy, but that’s just me. I would be beyond pissed if Prado platoons with KJ, but I wasn’t real pleased with Esco platooning with KJ last year.

  38. On a side note, I really find it hard to believe that with people like Ronnie Belliard and Ruben Gotay still gainfully employed, Marcus Giles can’t find a job. He did have a pretty good spring.

  39. I know Cousin Ronnie doesn’t look like a good baseball player, but he really is. He’s a solid fielder and a league-average hitter, and you could do a whole lot worse at second base. He’s a lot better than Luis Castillo.

  40. Clogging up the bases isn’t the term I would use…I would use the words “Brian McCann doesn’t get on base enough to bat 2nd.” Not with his .320 OBP last year.

  41. That said, his offense and particularly power are more than adequate for a catcher and he should be a perennial all-star.

  42. Cousin Ronnie — I like that. It fits somehow with the “fat guy with braids” look that never fails to amuse me for some reason.

  43. Yea clogging the bases is the opposite of the problem. Not clogging the bases enough is actually the problem with McCann hitting second.

  44. I see over at Bill James Online that the Guru has developed Loss Shares. Most of it hasn’t been released yet… but I’d really like to get a look at the 1984-90 Braves sometime.

  45. mlb rumors…

    Rockies Release Marcus Giles
    The Rockies have released veteran Marcus Giles; they’re going with Jayson Nix at second base to open the season. Giles had a good spring, hitting .321/.457/.536 in 28 ABs. The Dodgers are one team with possible mild interest.

    Giles is not yet 30 but he’s scramlbing for work these days. Back in ’05 he posted an .826 OPS; what happened?

  46. I’ve moved to Fulton County, so now I have to find graphs of Georgia Tech and other Atlanta-area things.

  47. I have been one who has blasted Wrenn for the Kotsay and Ridgeway trades, so I am happy to concede that the Yates trade deserves a good grade.

    Sure, Redmond may never pitch in the majors, but he does have a good upside. The Sporting News Baseball Magazine rated him as the #6 prospect (ahead of former Braves prospect Jamie Romak) in the Pirate system. Now that tell you more about the weakness of Pittsburgh’s farm that it does about Redmond, but I also think that it is fair to say that it is too early to say that he won’t be any good. With some luck, it may support the Braves bullpen in a couple of years.

    Since Yates was out of options, getting a decent minor league pitcher is a good deal. I don’t mind seeing Yates small salary dumped either….

  48. I should revise my comments from Yates to say the following.

    First, Yates was a pretty good pitcher – until Bobby wore his arm out. I think the massive drop in numbers as the season wore on is because Bobby overused Yates, tremendously.

    So, it ultimately LEFT Oscar with better numbers, but I am sorry, I don’t see how any of you could watch Oscar with ‘eyes open’ and not completely CRINGE.

    He kept putting runners on after runners on and always vultured wins by giving up unecessary runs. That’s the unfair thing about the “numbers” comparison…Oscar stayed mediocre and ended up with mediocre numbers. Yates was far better and then Bobby wore him out so he started getting killed.

    Still, with a deep bullpen available, there was no reason to keep Yates, especially on the heels of a bad spring. The trade was a very good one for the Braves and I love the strikeouts from Redmond.

    The revelation this spring has to be Jeff Bennett – who apparently kicked himself into great shape. This should be a lesson for fat relief pitchers of the world…getting yourself in better shape can make you a more effective pitcher (I am looking at YOU, Macay McBride).

    Well, I don’t think a low carb diet would make Dan Kolbb any better. I amend that statement for him.

  49. Toa nswer an earlier retort, yes, I HATE Oscar.

    Watching Oscar pitch was like watching Andruw swing at Ball 4, low and way outside for another strikeout – painful.

  50. Alex-
    Ball 4 low and away with two men on base in a 3-1 game in the bottom of the eighth somehow thinking every time he was up to bat we needed a home run more than a single that might plate an RBI and keep the inning alive. (That’s a mouthful but HOW MANY TIMES DID IT HAPPEN in 2007!)

    Sorry, I know we were talking about Oscar but AJ came up.

    There are times I’ll miss seeing him with the Braves but I downright hated watching him bat when it counted.

    138 k’s later and he’s a Dodger and I’m ok with that.

    JB in ATL

  51. Oh yeah, Alex, you’ll get no argument from me. I just especially hated it when the game was on the line.

    He was always pulling for the fences.


  52. Giles career is just strange. He went from all star 2B to scrub way too quickly. I really liked him when he was coming up. I always like the guys who are undersized and seem to be working harder than everyone else to make a name for themselves. Of course, I realize the reality may be that his career was helped by the cream. I never would have thought he’d be looking for a job before his brother though.

  53. yeah but they do have Tulowitzki and Barmes both shortstops but both good middle infielders. I think I heard Nix will be start in CO.

    yeah, Josh I hated seeing Marcus go at all but I was at least thinking he’d be knocking more doubles somewhere come April.

  54. The thought of Pena+ for Marcus Thames, planted by DOB, is making me drool. I know it won’t happen.

  55. Now I don’t want anyone to get too excited, but the Mariners are thinking of releasing Chris Reitsma.

  56. Or he’s thinking of quitting because he’s not on the opening roster, to be more precise.

  57. The season is about to start and MLB.TV Premium upgraded their highest quality stream.

    Life is good…..

  58. I would rather keep Pena, but I dont see Thorman bringing us anything of value. Maybe the cubs will take him as a bench player and send us Ascanio back.

    Another note, the Dodgers are looking at Giles. Could you imagine this team with them. Giles, Furcal, and Andruw.. LAD is where Braves players go and fade away

  59. I don’t mind Thames. He’s basically Ruben Sierra. As long as he doesn’t get more than 100 at-bats, he’s harmless.

    He has a lifetime .306 OBP, though, so he is an absolute out machine. Power off the bench, and better than Thorman, but don’t be too dazzled by the power.

  60. I’m fully aware of what Thames brings. And it’s power. I’m actually quite dazzled by the power, since we don’t have—and haven’t had for quite sometime—anything like that coming off the bench. I don’t know why he would get more than 100 ABs, assuming no injuries. And if there is an injury, he’s probably better than any other options we currently have, anyway. At least a Thames-Brandon Jones platoon would be.

    Thames would be an outstanding pick-up for this team.

  61. I would ALSO like to ADD that I am THOROUGHLY ENJOYING the BRAVESNATION4EVER era over at CHOP-N-CHANGE.

  62. agreed. if we could somehow swing a Pena (or thorman if they prefer) + one of Ring/Resop (preferably Resop) + middling prospect for Thames I would jump all over that…they can have both Pena/Thorman if they want…give them all the quantity they desire


  64. Virtually anything that can sniff offense for pena and/or thorman would be by definition an upgrade.

  65. You guys shouldn’t BADMOUTH BRAVESNATION bcuz he KNOWS baseball and you guys DON’T. JOE TORRE was the MASTERMIND behind the CHAMPIONSHIPS the YANKEES won, and pitching, hitting, and DEFENSE had NOTHING to do with it. I too am GLAD we CUT AJ.

  66. Anyone know if Matt Murton can play first base? I think he might be a good bat off the bench or we could use Diaz as the starter in left and the back up at first, can’t be worse than what we got.

  67. A blind man trying to catch throws at first could definitely be worse than what we’ve already got out there.

  68. DOB says Jeff Bennett has lost over 50 pounds since July and is having a great spring. I guess that means he’s not eligible for the Beer Depth Chart.

  69. Heard DOB on the radio this morning and the hosts were poking fun at the “Hampton Silences Critics” article.

  70. The season is about to start and MLB.TV Premium upgraded their highest quality stream.

    Life is good…..

    MLB.TV – We won’t stop until we get you fired.

    It’s going to be a long season of Alt-Tabbing.

  71. I really want Murton. It makes sense that the Cubs don’t want him, since, of course, he’s good at baseball.

    Um… as an Official Person type at Chop-n-Change, I’m going to go ahead and not comment on the illustrious Bravesnation4ever. He is who he is.

  72. I see over at Bill James Online that the Guru has developed Loss Shares. Most of it hasn’t been released yet… but I’d really like to get a look at the 1984-90 Braves sometime.

    Is that right? Has he given the algorithm anywhere?

    I’m not a subscriber, but – as one of the five people in the world who actually uses Win Shares – I would join if I could get a look at Loss Shares.

  73. They haven’t been posted yet. There’s an article (based around Alan Trammell for the HOF) that gave Win Shares and Loss Shares for a few select players.

  74. Murton would indeed be an outstanding pick-up. It’s unbelievable to me that the Cubs—yes, even the Cubs—apparently don’t see his value.

  75. They haven’t been posted yet. There’s an article (based around Alan Trammell for the HOF) that gave Win Shares and Loss Shares for a few select players.

    Ok thanks. I’ll have to look out for them.

    When I think of all the work that went into my Excel file to calculate Win Shares, the thought of reworking it to also calculate Loss Shares sounds…..awesome. I would start it tomorrow.

  76. looks like the braves have found the answer for the #5 spot in the rotation……….no starter at all.

  77. who is that doing the color on this game??………..sounds like avery johnson. i thought he’d be busy these days.

  78. I dont want the Mets to get Murton and Im afraid that they will. I really want to watch their old injured outfield struggle.

    How do you lose 50 pounds. I guess he’ll look like a light John Thomson even more

  79. It’d be great if we could somehow get Murton. Never understood why the Cubs wouldn’t give him a chance.

    As for Tatis — well, I guess he could hit two grand slams in an inning again sometime.

  80. One of the announcers just called Jeff Francoeur “Frenchie.”

    I’ve never heard an announcer call him that on national tv, but didn’t bravesjournal’s own Jenny come up with that when he was called up the other year?

  81. Never understood why the Cubs wouldn’t give him a chance.

    Tried to come up with a joke about Cubs day games and Dusty Baker but they all sounded racially insensitive.

  82. I think this game is the first time I’ve ever seen Bobby Cox put on the headset and talk to the announcers during the game. I always liked that he wouldn’t do that, especially after I heard Joe Morgan make a snippy comment about it once.

  83. BRAVESJOURNAL is the BEST blog on the INTERNET! With that GUY MAC THOMASON posting about THE BRAVESNATION it is DEFINITELY the best EVER!

    Disclaimer: I’m sorry for those who don’t know whats going on. I can’t stop the mocking. I will just have to disconnect from the internet for a while, but I find that guy hilarious.

  84. You GUYS need to LAY OFF BRAVESNATION. Andruw Jones may SUCK but JOE TORRE ALONE is enough to carry the Dodgers to VICTORY in OCTOBER. The Yankees will REGRET letting TORRE go when they FINISH THIRD this YEAR.


  86. I guarantee you that Peanut reads this blog, and I guarantee you he’s devastated by Mac’s revelation that he’s used that critic-silencing motif about 20 times, with at least 19 of them having been laughably premature and wrong.

    I’m betting we don’t see that phrase from him again for quite a while.

  87. QUITE FRANKLY, Mac is DEAD WRONG. I talked with my good friend BRAVESNATION TODAY and he told me he is NOT Stephen A. Smith. He had to LEAVE though to POST on his “ONLINE BLOG” before I could FOLLOW-UP with more QUESTIONS.

  88. April 20th 2008
    Braves Notes: Bowman silences critics in a mass murder/suicide attack.

  89. Awww man, Davies got sent to the minors. That means I have no pitching depth whatsoever in the fantasy league.

  90. Haha, I know. I made it as a joke pick, but then I realized I hadn’t drafted any backup pitchers. Not good.

  91. For what it’s worth, Keith Law predicts the Braves will finish 2nd at 85-77; he predicts the Mets at 95-67. Stark and Olney predict the Braves to win the division. Phillips, fortunately, predicts the Mets to win. The Braves are apparently not real popular among the more statistically-minded analysts. Of course Law thinks Glavine is washed up completely.

  92. Will Law predict that the Mets will have another disastrous September?? I dont care what these guys predict. Our team is just as good and has just as many questions as the Mets and Phillies

  93. Greetings from Miami Beach…

    As I suspected there’s way more Met talk down here than Marlin talk. In fact, I’ve come across zero Marlin talk, just the moaning about the team in the Miami Herald.

    (I know they have Hanley & Uggla, who always kills us, but can we just stomp this team this year?)

    Fact is, there are so many Brits at this convention that I’ve heard more Premiership soccer babble than anything else.

    Note to SEC fans: On Lincoln Road last night, I saw a toothless guy, wearing a Florida Gators t-shirt, selling gigantic stuffed Gators. I shooed him away from my cafe table.

  94. Holy crap, Xavier just had the weirdest in-bounds play I’ve ever seen. Ever.

  95. Law thinks Glavine is probably washed up?

    Well, considering Law is definitely washed up as a baseball mind (if he wasn’t, why wouldn’t he be still be in the business?), I wouldn’t put too much stock in it.

  96. Glavine has had a much better career than the peripherals would suggest. His strikeout rate was decent at times, but for most of his career it was mediocre.

  97. That’s what always struck me about Glavine when he was here before. He always seemed to put lots of runners on base but was able to pitch out of it. I think this is a guy that really confounds statistical analysis.

  98. Glavine is goign to the HOF, Law, not so much.

    I have a question for SEC fans. Would it be funny or stupid to but Florida Gator NIT Championship t-shits to moc them?

  99. Pretty stupid, IMO. They did just win back-to-back National Championships, and your team’s still never made it past the Sweet 16.

  100. As a Gator Smitty, I’ve caught grief about them being bad this year and not making the tournament- who cares? We had an entire squad full of freshmen. I never expected us to do anything this year. Tennessee was expected to do something this year. Y’all were number one. I have no problem with you buying NIT shirts and mocking us. As Stu reminded you, we just won back to back championships. I’m happy.

  101. But they made the sweet 16, and the Gators didn’t even make the tournament.

    Right, but which situation would you rather be in? I’d rather have the championship banners hanging, personally. Seems silly to mock someone who’s clearly in a much better position than you.

    Anyway, UT can’t moc. Only UTC can moc.

    Yeah, well, Smitty’s one of those guys who cheers for a school different than the one to which he went. At least it’s in the state’s university system, though.

  102. “Right, but which situation would you rather be in? I’d rather have the championship banners hanging, personally. Seems silly to mock someone who’s clearly in a much better position than you.”

    thanks Stu

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