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1. Roosevelt Brown was released.

2. Ryan Langerhans has “seemingly already won a roster spot” despite hitting .159.

3. Scheurholz is working the phones but doesn’t seem desperate to address the terrible lefthanded relief, and Bobby still thinks Gryboski will start the season. Oh, and Kolb and Reitsma are described as “reliable”, and don’t ask me why.

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  1. This is off subject, and I’m sure that most of you guys already know this, but FSN is broadcasting most of the remaining spring training games, including Smoltz’s last start.

    Also, in an interview with John Thomson, Thomson said that the starting pitchers have a hitting competition between them when the season starts. They have divided up into two teams: Thomson, Ramirez & Smoltz on one team; Hudson & Hampton on the other. I’ve got my money on Hudson & Hampton.

  2. Rietsma has been alright this spring. I agree though that “reliable” certianly shouldn’t apply to Kolb so far.

    No surprise at all on Langerhans, Cox is not stupid and knows how to recognize talent, even when the numbers aren’t there for a small period of time.

  3. Baseball prospectus says that Matt Riley is on the bubble in Baltimore, and that they are heavy on left handed relievers, which is where Riley might get moved if he can’t win the fifth starter spot, and they have another young guy named John Parrish who would either make him expendable or become expendable himself.

    Maybe a Betemit or Orr for one of these lefties. Just a thought.

  4. Also, is White doing that much worse than Tom Martin, his numbers look terrible for any reliever.

  5. I don’t really remember but have we eaten a contract like Martin’s in recent history?

  6. I don’t see another move in the outfield either. I think we should be happy with what JS came up with, considering what the outfield looked like before the bargain deal for Mondesi and the chance given to Jordan.

  7. I’m bummed to no end about Gabe White being released, if only because I wanted to have a Braves jersey with “White” onthe nameplate and not look like a complete and total loser.

    Of course, getting a Gabe White jersey would be close to complete and total loser.

    Wonder if Rick White is available?

  8. The Brewers released Brooks Kieschnick. It would be out of character to pick him up but if the Braves did he’d probably be their best pinch-hitter and one of their better relievers.

  9. Mac, I noticed that Kieschnick had been released by the Brewers too. He would make an interesting pickup, both as a reliever and a pinch hitter.

  10. How often does a pinch hitter who bats .270 get released? How about a reliever with a 3.77 ERA. In Kieshnick, you’ve got a guy who, last year, did *both*

    He is 32 and will never be a star. Line drive percentages published at Hardball Times indicates he was above his head pitching last year. But geeze, he’d be fun to have around and would be nice considering the penchance for a 12 man pitching staff.

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