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SI.com – MLB – Remaining Free Agents – Monday December 8, 2003 2:09PM

Available third basemen: Tony Batista, Shane Halter, Greg Norton, Chris Stynes, Fernando Tatis, Todd Zeile. Ugh. There may be some players listed at other positions who might be moved over. Of those guys, Batista is the best, but he’s an eccentric sort of player unlikely to interest the Braves. Stynes is the only player I’ve ever heard in context with the Braves desiring him, but he sucks. Maybe some other third basemen will come available after the tender date, but right now, that’s it.

6 thoughts on “Looking down the list”

  1. check out the bp mock winter meetings dealing for atlanta. I wish JS would flip betemit for a pitcher like weaver. I’m sick of seeing him rot here in Richmond. Bring me marte, namesake and all.

  2. I wouldn’t mind if the Braves took a flyer on Tatis, if they could sign him to a minor-league deal. He’s still in his prime, and there is talent there.

  3. The reaspon Betemit is still in Richmond is because he’s been stinking it up. As for 3rd baseman, that whole list sucks, Batista and Tatis included.

  4. Forgot to add…we’re better of playing Derosa at third and saving the money for an arm/outfielder.

  5. There’s no space in the rotation for a starter, paying big money to relievers is dumb, and the Braves have plenty of money in the budget for two hitters. The problem is that the third basemen all suck, so unless you move Chipper back to third they’re going to wind up with a lot of money not spent and an extra hole in the lineup.

  6. Yes, all the 3rd baseman on the roster suck. No ones talking about spending a LOT of money on relievers and the Braves HAVE stated they are still looking for a veteran starter. And I think you think we got more money to play with then we actually do. The budget is being cut by $30 million from last year. So all these free agents taking off hasn’t really freed up all that much money.

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