That is no surprise

Francoeur among Braves’ first cuts |

He had little chance of making the team. Brian McCann, who probably had no chance though right now he’s a more finished hitter, was also sent down.

The worrisome thing is that this story says that Jordan and Mondesi are starters and Langerhans is the fourth outfielder, like that’s settled. At the risk of starting another war in comments, that is a very bad sign. A good sign is the claim that “at most” there’s room for one more outfielder (ten remain in camp, so that’s six left out) on the roster; previously, I was pretty sure they’d stick with four outfielders. Could it even mean that they’d go to eleven pitchers, at least to start the season? Naaah.

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  1. I think the press is going to default to Jordan as the “starter” simply cause he’s the veteran and Langerhans is currently only a minor leaguer. I doubt they have any solid information to that affect.

  2. Speaking, albeit indirectly, of Terence, what’s up with that sweater? It’s like his wardrobe came from The Cosby Show’s yard sale or something.

    Back on topic, I would have to agree that there is absolutely NO need to start Francouer or McCann’s (or even Marte’s for that matter) service clock starting at this point. Orr, Langerhans and Betemit are a different story, for obvious reasons. Carry 11 pitchers, stash and extra fielder on the 25 man, and if/when someone fails, you can make a free move that gets you back a roster spot. Surely the first month or so of the season will tell the tale in the OF, and that irreplaceable 12th pitcher spot can be filled then.

  3. At the risk of being labled a bad Braves fan I just hope that AJC doesn’t know what they are talking about. I want them to give Langerhans every opportunity to win the starters job. Poor Bill McCarthy. He deserved a chance too with the season he had last year.
    I agree no 5th outfielder. They’ll carry 12 pitchers just because everyone else does.
    Given the circumstances I don’t blame Schuerholz for grabbing all of those outfielders but the AJC article sums it up when it says that Bobby had a hard time giving everyone playing time with so many in camp.

  4. At the risk of being labled a bad Braves fan…

    There’s nothing wrong with wanted langerhans to succeed, I’m sure you know this and posted that statement just to be absurd. The problem is when people start rooting for other players to fail.

  5. In another year, I’d hope that McCarthy would grab a bench spot for the first few weeks of the season, with the rationale that there are typically more off-days in April, lessening the need for an extra bullpen arm. But maybe due to the late start this year (April 5), the Braves only have one off-day over the first 3 weeks of the season. They’ll need the bullpen spot, as much as anyone needs 12 pitchers.

  6. Mac I appologize for letting myself get drawn into a poster vs. poster spat. Won’t happen again.

  7. If Orr goes north, he would be the 5th OF. It may be the biggest thing he has going for him in the fight for the 25th spot.

  8. So we’re breaking camp with neither Jesse Garcia _or_ Keith Lockhart this year. What’s a scrappy no-hit middle infielder to do! Play somewhere else, I guess.

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