4 thoughts on “Is that allowed?”

  1. Mac,

    I assume you’re kidding; otherwise, I don’t see where you are going with this. You’re saying Bobby shouldn’t talk with Yogi because he’s suing Turner Broadcasting? Nothing in legal ethics precludes lawyers on opposing sides from talking socially to each other and Bobby and Yogi aren’t even lawyers. Didn’t you ever watch NYPD Blue where the DA married her primary witness?

  2. As a lawyer, I’ll chime in and note that it would be perfectly legal for Yogi and Bobby to talk, but they can’t get married unless (a) one of them becomes a D.A.; or (2) they move to Massachusetts. Given Francona’s post-WS job security, I can see no reason why Bobby would move to Massachusetts.

    There. That should settle things.

  3. Or (3) Bobby or Yogi could get SRS (sexual reassignment surgery). All 50 pounds of my head hurt just thinking about what that would look like.

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