Well, that’s something

MSNBC – Braves re-sign Franco to one-year deal

At least we’re spared a possible Hessman infestation. (Unless they decide to platoon him in right field or something.) No word on if Julio was signed to a major or minor league deal; the minor league deal would save a roster spot, but right now that’s the least of the Braves’ worries.

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  1. Julio is a great hitter and good man to have around the team. I applaud his return to the Braves.

  2. He got a guarantee contract at $1M. The demand for his service is actually greater than last year after Julio got so much media attention last year.

  3. Hey Mac, you think there’s a chance that the Braves can land Huff in a trade? He’s a lefty, and LaMarr ain’t so bright anyhow. Then again, I guess LaMarr got a reputation of asking for the sky in any deal, so maybe not.

  4. Julio resigning with the team is better than getting a Tony Clark to me. Also it does save us from playing Hessman, obviously he can’t make it in the majors. But I was kinda hoping that somehow McGriff would take a pay cut and find his way back to Atlanta taking on a Julio type of role with the team.

  5. I like Julio, and I’m very impressed that he can hit .300 in the majors at his age, but I hope he gets even less playing time than last year. LaRoche was crushing lefties and righties alike by the end of the season, and only playing him against right-handers will curttail the development of his hitting against lefties in the future. He already hit 275/330/475 last year; that can only improve this year, plus he’s sick with the leather.

    Of course, Julio is a good guy to have on the bench for subbing or situational pinch-hitting, but he can’t play any other defensive position.

  6. My favorite Braves atbat this year was when Franco kept fouling off all those heaters from the Cub’s Kyle Farnsworth and then blasting the go ahead home run….great stuff. Glad he is back for another year.

  7. LaRoche had all of 20 at bats against lefties last year. Hit at a good clip, but that’s a pretty small sample size.

  8. Actually, Julio “only” got a double in that at-bat. But it was a good one.

    I also would like to see LaRoche get more playing time. He deserves it.

  9. I live in Tucson, Arizona and managed to catch two games at Turner Field this past summer. First night was an 8-4 loss to the Expos. Julio saved my roadtrip the next night with a 1st inning grand slam against the Phillies. With regards to Fred McGriff, spare me. The Braves will always do better with clutch hitting off the bench, not someone whiffing almost everytime he tries to reach a homerun milestone. Don’t get me wrong here, I truly apprciate McGriff’s contibutions, especially for the 1995 championship team. Julio, as a .300 hitter, is clearly the better fit, though.

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