It’s a tear

Chipper avoids DL | Braves |

While that’s the page title, the headline’s a little more exact: “Chipper won’t go on DL right now”. The Braves will still be shorthanded through the Cincinnati and Florida series. They claim JD Drew will be ready to play tonight.

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3 thoughts on “It’s a tear”

  1. I am really scared that no one is going on the DL. My guess is that Garcia or LaRoache will be forced to see some OF duty if Drew tweaks his injury.

  2. I think it would be Wise and Marerro in the OF if Drew were to reinjure himself.

  3. Yes, Wise and Marerro is what scares me. But you have to have a replacement always available on the bench. Also, I would prefer to have LaRoache’s bat and defense to Wise’s bat and defense. I think (hope) Bobby will make a similar trade-off.

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