The DeDeRosaing of the Braves

Chipper has eye on third | Braves |

Chipper returns to the field tonight, and it won’t be as a left fielder. Will it be at first, or will it be at third? What we do know is that whereever he plays, his defense will be pretty lousy. Then again, DeRosa’s not exactly Graig Nettles, is he? Chipper would prefer third base, because he doesn’t want to have to learn a totally new position on the fly.

9 thoughts on “The DeDeRosaing of the Braves”

  1. If I’m Bobby then Chip back to 3rd because Julio is a better hitter and defender than DeRosa.
    Mark is hitting around .270 lately but he is NOT drawing walks or hitting any doubles. In the AJC article he is hurt by the sitaution but he goes on to say that he has put himself into this situation with a Black Hole of a May. Bobby has ridden the hot hand in the past (Jose Hernandez anyone?) at the expense of defense. I just wish that I could watch the damn game.

  2. Does this mean that Marrero now becomes the everyday left fielder? Or is there a trade going to happen in the foreseeable future?

  3. I suspect we’ll see (though not in the sense of actually “seeing”, since nobody can see the damn games) a Marrero/Wise platoon. Won’t that be fun?

  4. I don’t think DeRosa needs to worry about playing time; somebody else will get hurt soon :-p

  5. It seems as though Bobby is waiting to see if Julio falls off the bus or DeRosa slips in the shower before he has to make a decision. I don’t envy his position.

    I don’t mind the Marrero side of the platoon. He’s hitting lefties well. Matt Stairs was mentioned in the other thread, and if he can be acquired without giving up much, he could be a nice left side of the platoon.

    It all hinges on whatever their plans are with DeRosa.

  6. Marrero has shown some signs of life in the last week and if he stays healthy, I think he will be alright. But it’s something to watch. No sense in trading for someone later if we fall too far behind now.

  7. Chipper at third, batting fourth, Andruw batting third, and J.D. batting seventh.

  8. Andruw batting third? That’s interesting. I might even bat hi higher than that. He hasn’t done a damned thing with runners on base all year, so lead him off.

  9. Nobody on the team except Estrada (and Marcus, when he’s around, and Julio, when he’s played) has hit particularly well with runners on base, Colin.

    Drew’s hitting seventh because the Royals are throwing a lefty, one that he’s 0-6 career (one walk) against.

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