Grand prize off the market – MLB – Expos agree to deal Vazquez to Yankees

What they’re offering is unclear, but it would seem to start with Juan Rivera and Nick Johnson. Frankly, I think that the Braves could have beaten that.

The Phillies traded some leftovers to the Twins for Eric Milton and his $9 million salary. I don’t think that’s a good move for Philly, and probably guarantees that Kevin Millwood won’t stick around. Milton has a history of injuries, barely pitched last year, and has no record of great success. Right now, the NL East looks like Marlins-Braves-Phillies, though the Braves haven’t made their moves yet.

11 thoughts on “Grand prize off the market”

  1. thats sickening. I bet the braves couldve done it if they liked as well. now, if we overpay for millwood it makes this seem much worse to me.

    is it just me or doesn’t it seem like bobby cox couldve gotten more out of vazquez with better usage patterns than the expos did?

  2. That sucks! JS is sitting on his hands. Braves and 1/2 the teams in baseball that need pitching could beat that trade.

  3. Wow that hurts. He was the one guy out there who really could have made a difference. Nick Johnson is good, but Rivera isn’t, and Choate (the rumored third guy) is just this side of useless. What a missed opportunity for the Braves.

  4. I just don’t see how the Braves could have topped that package. Nick Johnson is not yet arbitration eligible, so he’s cheap. He is young, so there is still room for development. And, at least according to Baseball Prospectus’s numbers, he was the third best 1B in the AL behind Delgado and Giambi. Who do the Braves have that can match all that?

    Rivera is a stereotypical overhyped Yankee prospect. But if he has a 10% chance of developing into something like this years version Jose Guillen, that is better than what the Braves have at the top of the minors. What, do you think Sarge Junior is significantly better than Rivera? And little Mathews isn’t exactly blocking the next Ty Cobb either.

    The key to this deal is that the Expos got real talent that is being paid next to nothing. They got much, much more in this trade than they did last year for Bartolo Colon. And dollar for dollar, I don’t see a Braves match.

  5. Dan’s right. We can wail and gnash our teeth all we want about Schuerholz’s lack of action, but the Braves couldn’t match that offer unless they included Marcus Giles in the package. … And I can say with confidence that everyone around here would have hated such a deal.

  6. Nick Johnson has be knighted by the sabermetric community so I understand that reaction, but the dude played 96 regular season games last year and for him that’s a pretty good year health wise. Now he goes to Montreal where fragile players go to die. The hope was that since the Braves had a deal worked out with the Expos during the season for Vasquez before the Commish nixed it, we still had a good chance for him. I had hoped JS could push it through this time. I imagine the package would go something like Ramirez, LaRoche, +.

    I have to believe the Braves were still in play until the end. It just a shame the Expos went for Johnson. If it were Hank Blalock I could understand, but Johnson still has questions to answer.

  7. I wasn’t even expecting JS to go for Javier Vazquez. I think the Yankees gave them a fair package…I realistically did not even think he was a braves offseason target just because I think we would have got him last year if we did.

    By the way I still think Hidalgo is gonna be a Brave. Mac, it’s kinda like the Castilla deal. There’s always a deal every year which comes out of nowhere. We’re talking about JS. I’ve been saying this deal will happen, for a while. I think it’s on. Hidalgo at 1B. But I ask myself -if Franco is a free agent, will they still re-sign him? Hidalgo will play in the OF when LaRoche is at 1B. La Roche can learn a lot from him.

  8. If Hidalgo comes to Atlanta, he’d play right field. Disregarding the fact the Braves have LaRoche and will probably keep Franco, who would play right field if Hildalgo was at first? They wouldn’t get both Jacque Jones and Hidalgo and play them both out of position.

  9. Jacque-Andruw-Hidalgo in the outfield, with Chipper at third, could work, and would be about the best we could hope for. (And the pitchers would love that OF defense.) Then next year, you figure out who goes and where Marte plays.


    SS Furcal
    2B Giles
    3B C. Jones
    CF A. Jones
    LF J. Jones
    RF Hidalgo
    1B LaRoche/J. Franco
    C Estrada

    I’d rather have Marcus in a power slot, but that’s still a lot of offense.

  10. That would be an awesome lineup. But that pretty much ties up all resources, and we’re still left with two rookies in the starting rotation and a bullpen that hasn’t been improved over last year’s. We’ve been focusing on starting pitching and offense so far this offseason, and we haven’t addressed that our bullpen… still sucks. I sure haven’t forgotten how horrible our bullpen was in July and how everybody was screaming for Schuerholz to make a move. I dunno, I might just be crazy…

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