Attack of the nepotistas

GM’s son steals show for Atlanta

Okay. L’il Jonny Schuerholz went 4-4 in the exhibition yesterday. Why was he given any sort of showcase? He’s an awful player and he’s hitting .165; if he wasn’t the GM’s son he’d have been released by now. He is just an awful, awful use of limited resources, and now they’re rewarding him?

6 thoughts on “Attack of the nepotistas”

  1. Yeah, he wouldn’t be there if it weren’t for his dad, but it’s not too bad since his dad is one of the best GM’s in the game. I don’t care if JS has 10 kids down there just as bad as him, as long as he is as good of a GM as he is its fine with me.

  2. I trust the comment above was made in jest.

    It clearly is not a waste of resources to pay and play someone who has no chance of helping the parent club. Even if a bona fide GM does it, that’s OK.

  3. The waste of resources lies in the fact that he’s not helping the single A club.

  4. I would assume that playing in the Hall of Fame game was a voluntary thing, where players were asked “hey, do you want a day off or do you want to go up to Cooperstown and play in this exhibition game.” I suppose I could be wrong …

  5. I don’t mind the money they’re paying him. It’s the roster spot and the coaching time they give to him that pisses me off. That stuff’s valuable. Money is just money. (Then again, I’m not a suit.) If you want, make him a scout or something. Or a gofer. Don’t pretend he’s a professional baseball player.

  6. Lil Schuerholz is a waste of limited organizational resources. His signing and “development” is a blatant dereliction of a GM’s duty.

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