4 thoughts on “Marte Watch”

  1. I didn’t know he had this kind of power. I used to think of him more like a high BA, lots of doubles, occasional HR type of guy, but a .554 SLG and .283 ISO at age 21 indicates some big-time power.

  2. Well, most top minor leaguers don’t hit for the kind of power they will eventually develop. I know there have been some more studies on this recently, but basically the idea (I think) is to look for growth in the power numbers relative to the environment. Marte had good power last year, but it’s getting better, which is a great sign.

  3. I thought he was still 20? Either way, very encouraging, but he needs to start making better contact; high ISO, low contact guys (Russ Branyan, Jack Cust, several others) have typically struggled to stick around in the bigs. Andy already has 50+ Ks, which is okay given how young he is for his level, but the problem seems to be getting worse, not better. Fingers crossed.

  4. Just a few comments about third base. In April DeRo posted a .263/.356/.395 line. In other words about what anyone should have expected of him. He went into the tank in May .178/.196/.262 which is why his cumulative numbers suck so bad.
    I know that he isn’t the long term solution at third but if he can get is butt going at his April pace then he is at least a productive player.

    Andy Marte indeed looks special in the Andruw, Chipper, Furcal mode. I just hope the team doesn’t rush him to the majors just because of one bad month by their incumbent third baseman.

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