Yay, Chipper!

300 career homers! He also had his 1000th career RBI, as Pete mentions, over the weekend, but I missed it.

4 thoughts on “Yay, Chipper!”

  1. Chipper is now hitting 296/381/583 since the break. Andruw is at 303/392/524. JD Drew has dropped off a little to an 883 post-AS OPS, and Marcus is at 775. Johnny Estrada’s long expected return to earth has come to the tune of 291/380/456 :-)

    Having Chipper and Andruw hitting has helped offset some cooling of Charles Thomas’s bat (294/348/329), but Eli Marrero’s still sporting a 956 post-AS OPS. Adam LaRoche is at 239/337/451, platoonmate Julio is 298/375/383. Finally, Furcal is at 301/358/407.

    Off the bench, Nick Green rediscovered reality to the tune of 250/250/321, but Eddie Perez has defied reality, 278/325/500. Mark DeRosa is recovering hsi stroke back in his old role, 308/357/346. Small sample caveats apply strongly on these last three.

    In other notes – since the break, Cruz actually has more IP than Gryboski and Alfonseca, though his 0.66 ERA still hasn’t been in many high pressure situations. Jaret Wright has a 1.37 ERA since the break in almost 40 IP. Russ Ortiz is at 3.12, John Thomson 3.50 and Mike Hampton 3.72 and Paul Byrd at 4.74

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