5 thoughts on “Poor Damon”

  1. Good night by Betemit, a hit and a couple of late inning walks. Didn’t deliver the big hit, but didn’t look foolish, i.e. Hessman, Wise. Solid if unspectacular in the field. For what it’s worth, he looks like a ballplayer.

  2. Snellville sums up almost word-for-word what I was going to post about Betemit, so I’ll just say ditto. It has been my pleasure to add to this discussion.

  3. Which is dumb, because with Betemit (a switch-hitter) up they won’t be leftyless if they dumped Wise. Not to mention that Furcal’s purely a pinch-hitter right now.

  4. I think Wilson is in the starting line-up until further notice (Furcal’s recovery), meaning there will need to be a LH bat on the bench.

    Underneath this, I think is Bobby’s “player’s manager” tradition showing up. DeRosa is supposed to be the starting 3B, not a guy starting at 3 different positions on consecutive nights. Without Betemit, DeRo is on the conveyor and looks more like the utility guy he was rather than the starting 3B he is expected to be.

    It might change when Marcus and Raffy are both healthy. If Wilson plays well, we may see Wise shipped out.

    For what it’s worth, I thought that was a monster AB that Wise had last night. Sure, the result was bad, but he battled a very good pitcher down to the nub. I was especially impressed that he hung in there after Darling decided the high strike was once again to be called. He spoiled a couple of good pitches and laid off a couple of close ones before striking out on a killer pitch.

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