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  1. I can see the press conference now: “We’re confident we can get Kevin Young back to the form of his 1999 100-RBI season…” at which point Schuerholz stops, shudders, and realizes he’s repeating his Rico Brogna speech for 4 times the salary.

    The other name mentioned has been Sean Casey, who was in stready decline before dropping off the cliff last year, and still is due $20m, and had surgery in September. If they acquire him he’d join Hampton to up the ante to $70m in random coin flips for the coming year.

  2. I agree, Mac. I hope this is just wild speculation on the part of the media. We shall see, however. I’m about at my wits end with the Braves front office, when they try to fix problems they don’t have (pitching) while ignoring the ones they do have (Castilla, Lockhart’s blackmail habit).

  3. I just don’t understand Schuerholz’s fascination with retreads. OK, now that Roberto Petagine has signed an $11,000,000 (dollars, not yen) contract to stay in Japan I agree that its time to give up my unrequited love for him. But can’t JS and the Braves Brass come up with something new? Cust? Durazo? Zuleta? I don’t think that all stars are freely available, but clones of Kevin Youngs / Rico Brogna / Vinny Castilla grow on the vine at AA and can be had at distressed sale prices.

    Proven isn’t a good thing unless its proven quality. Taking a flier on a young player improving is a risk; taking a flier on an old player holding his diminishing skills is a stupid gamble.

  4. There’s ridiculous, and there’s showing interest in Kevin Young, which is completely absurd. Actually giving up something to get him would be frankly insane and grounds for commitment in 26 states and the District of Columbia. The Pirates have been trying to unload him basically since they re-signed him and would have given him away for free ever since they fired Bonifay. Saying that they’re only willing to give up this valuable commodity because they now have Randall Simon — the Randall Simon (though I do wish the Braves had held on to him) — goes in the face of all evidence.

    I would do it if and only if it were part of a straight-up deal for Vinny.

  5. Did I miss something? Did the Braves actually acquire Young, or Travis Lee?

    Since the answer’s no, isn’t it a little early to be complaining about picking them up?

  6. Andrew, is it too late to complain about picking up Castilla? Surhoff? Martinez? Brogna? Caminitti? Joyner? Weiss? Bonilla? Williams? Guillen? Nixon? Hunter?

    In the last few years, JS and his crew have specialized in 33+ year old career mediocrities. While Lee / Young haven’t yet been picked up, there is a clear trend towards similar signings.

    Maybe Schuerholz woke up Thanksgiving morning and said “my goodness, I should have been stocking my bench and top minors with players with a future not a past.” But since his KC days, that hasn’t been his track record. And in the last 3-4 years, he has gotten worse at it rather than better. Its almost as if he feels that winning doesn’t count unless he handicaps himself with the latest Buddy Biancalana, Dane Iorg, or Lynn Jones reincarnations.

  7. Well, to be fair Travis Lee is only 27. Though he is profoundly mediocre. No, I lie, he’s not that good.

    But… Kevin Young? This is a bad player coming off the two worst years of his career. And he is 33. If the Braves are actually considering him, it is evidence of dementia.

  8. I have to bet that the Braves getting Young is merely media speculation. Every time a first baseman loses their job or becomes a free agent, he gets mentioned in the same sentence as the Braves. It’s the medias way of reminding Braves fans over and over that we could use an every day first baseman. Like we didn’t know it already. I think the Braves are going to wait until everything is done with Glavine, good or bad. At that time depending on the outcome, will address the first base situation.
    The only first base rumor that has even made me smile a bit has been the Nick Johnson rumor, but the Yanks aren’t easy to deal with. I think Johnson is going to be a very good player, but will never get there in NY with Giambi in his way.

  9. I’m from Pittsburgh and I believe it would be a wonderful idea for the Braves to pick up Kevin Young.

  10. I’m just curious why Fred McGriff’s name hasn’t come up in this discussion. I know you’ll say he’s old, but you wouldn’t take 30 bombs and 103 rbi(his numbers last year)? I remember people falling all over themselves around the trade deadline in 2001 wanting us to trade for Fred.

    His name has been mentioned as far as possibly coming to the ATL for next year.

    If not Fred, what about Derrek Lee? Maybe ship a young arm(not one of our top guys, but maybe a B level prospect) and either Giles or D-Ro to Florida for him.

    Your thoughts on these options I just mentioned?

    Go Braves!!

  11. He’d be far superior to Kevin Young, who isn’t even that much younger. But apparently the Braves have become obsessed with defense at first base, one of the warning signs of a dying organization.

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