Hey, an Atlanta Braves sighting! Trailing 3-1 headed into the bottom of the eighth, the Braves rallied to tie it. Then the Astros took the lead in the ninth, and they tied it again. And with two out in the tenth, Andruw hit an opposite-field homer to end the game. About time, too. Andruw was 2-5 for the night, breaking his deep slump.

Everybody got into the game in the process of scraping back into it. Furcal, who can’t throw, pinch-hit, and Giles, who can’t swing, pinch-ran. Wilson Betemit got the start and was 1-4, singling leading off the first for his first major league hit. He looked okay at shortstop, with the exception of a single that scored a run in the second when he and Garcia got their signals crossed on a makeable play. Chipper went 0-4 with three strikeouts, but drove in the tying run in the eighth with a walk.

Andruw’s heroics made up for a play he almost made in the ninth that looked like it might cost the Braves the game. He dove for a ball in deep right-center, snowconed it, but couldn’t hold on. Drew, for some reason, was running towards short center on the play instead of backing up; Andruw had to get up and retrieve the ball, but not in time to stop a triple. The next batter singled to make it 4-3.

Poor Horacio Ramirez still can’t get a win, but at least he didn’t get a loss. He couldn’t get Craig Biggio, who homered twice, but handled everyone else and again deserved better. Reitsma pitched well again; Smoltz didn’t, but got out of a jam. Base12 got the win.

The Marlins lost; the Phillies have taken an early lead on Arizona… Tomorrow a day game, Pettitte versus Ortiz.