Well, great. Instead of Richmond + Andruw, the Braves sent out Richmond + Andruw and Drew. A huge improvement. They didn’t even fall behind until the fourth.

Thomson took a perfect game into the fourth, but allowed five straight hits from there to score three runs. The Braves couldn’t rally, to no one’s surprise. It was 4-1 after six, and in the seventh any chance of a comeback was shelved when Bobby used Base12 to give up another inherited run.

The offense was mostly LaRoche and Drew, who accounted for all three runs and all three RBI. Each hit a solo homer and LaRoche singled home Drew in the eighth. DeRosa, who was 0-5, flew out to end the game as the tying run with Drew on deck. Andruw may be pressing — no surprise, with the lineups they’ve been sending out there — and is 0-for his last 17.

Chipper didn’t play for alleged “precautionary reasons”. Furcal is still only pinch-hitting, Giles’ elbow still hurts. This is pathetic.