Furcal acquisition could trigger trade for pitcher | ajc.com

So I’ll formalize it and say that Rafael Furcal, prodigal infielder, is back. They should at least sign Marcus Giles to a minor league deal to keep him company or something. At any rate, Furcal’s deal is apparently three years, with an option year he should attain if he’s able to play at all. Furcal will, if he plays as well as he did in 2004-05, wind up the deal as the best middle infielder in Atlanta history, which right now could be him, Giles, or Jeff Blauser. I ranked Giles highest when I did my Top 44, but I can’t really state with any conviction that those rankings are justified.

Peanut is currently claiming that the Braves are planning to use Furcal at second and KJ in left field. This is such a poor use of resources that I can’t quite buy it, but this is the team that gave the lion’s share of the corner outfield ABs last year to Jeff Francoeur and Gregor Blanco, so you never know.

However, it seems more likely that Yunel Escobar is on the trading block, either for a putative ace starting pitcher or a slugging corner outfielder.