Today’s the deadline to tender contracts. It’s not getting much press attention, but it’s a big day, especially for a team like the Braves hoping to find some relatively cheap help. Two years ago, the Tigers nontendered Robert F*ck, who gave the Braves a good half of season. There’s talk that the Twins might non-tender Jacque Jones, often rumored as a Braves target, and as I’ve mentioned before that the Cubs might drop Kyle Farnsworth.

The Braves players eligible for arbitration are, from what I can tell, Furcal, Giles, Kolb, R**ts*, Gryboski, and DeRosa. The first three will certainly be offered arbitration, and it appears that the fourth will as well. I haven’t heard anything about the Braves letting the other two go, but they’re exactly the sorts of players whom you get rid of once they start to get expensive. Gryboski in particular would likely get overpaid due to his superficially impressive ERA.