New President Terry McGuirk says

New Braves Boss To Improve Image

Basically, that every part of the organization except for, you know, the actual team, sucks. He promises an “audit” of all operations except those headed by Scheurholz.

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3 thoughts on “New President Terry McGuirk says”

  1. What more can they do? Have more cartoon characters parading around? Give away more foam rubber tomahawks or cheap replica batting helmets? Thay’ve already reduced ticket prices all over the ballpark. It’s definately affordable to go to a Braves game; it’s actually an entertainment bargain. All the seats, even those in the far reaches of the upper deck, provide good views of the field (albeit some are very high above it). Let’s be realistic. Atlanta is a small major league city, and not a particularly baseball oriented one. If it was not for the out of town fans who flock to the ballpark on summer weekends (I’m from Chicago and I come down two or three times each season), the Braves would be lucky to draw a million and a half. If the team starts to lose (as it appears to be on the horizon, isn’t that what “we have to reduce payroll” means?), the out of towners will find other ways to spend their weekends and the crowds will really drop (not to mention the all-important TBS ratings). The Braves are drawing about what they should draw, given the geographic factors involved, the general economy, and the success of the ballclub on the field.

  2. I think that the best thing they can do is make it easier to get to the park. Of course, most of that’s out of the Braves’ hands, but they need to pressure the city and MARTA. It’s ridiculous that you have to walk half a mile from the station to the shuttle and then the shuttle lets you off half a mile from the park. And let’s not even talk about parking.

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