4 thoughts on “Posturing, blah blah blah”

  1. Agents!!! What else is he suppose to say. I am still wondering how Scott Boris can do a good job for his clients this winter when he has so many on the free agent market. Jaret and JD would both be wise to remind their agents who works for who.

  2. That’s alright. Wright isn’t that good anyway. I like him to continue to improve if he stays with the Braves, but that’s mostly because I faith in Mazzone. On the flipside, I think his low homerun rate in 2004 screams fluke, and I think that if he gets more than a two-year deal it will be from one of these poorly-run middling teams.

    Now that Randy to the Yanks talk seems to be heating up, anyone want to do an over-under on the Braves being the third team in a deal that nets us Vazquez? I think the Braves have to be the odds-on favorite in any such scheme.

  3. The Braves need an ace. Wright is good but I doubt that he is really big-time ace material. No reason to overpay for good but not great pitchers, especially given the arms in the Braves system. If Wright thinks he can do as well away from Leo, well, don’t let the door hit you on the way out. Eventually, Cruz will be at least as good and probably much better.

    BTW, Peter Gammons lists the Braves as one of the top four farm systems in baseball. (The Yankees are one of the worse.) No matter what happens this year, the Braves are in good shape for the future. And, unlike the Yankees, they have prospects to deal in making trades.

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