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It had better be to platoon with Langerhans. If he gets the full-time left field job (the AJC says he’s going to have “a chance to win the leftfield job”) the Braves will essentially be throwing ballgames. Jordan was never that good to begin with and now simply can’t hit righthanded pitching. Since leaving Atlanta, he’s hit .260/.315/.386 against righthanders, numbers that would be bad for a catcher or shortstop. Against lefties, he’s a more useful .310/.373/.552. Last season, he was pretty bad even against lefties, but sub-Mendoza against righties. Injuries, schminjuries, he’s a very limited player.

Slugging percentage by year, this millenium:

2001: .496
2002: .469
2003: .420
2004: .363

The argument for Jordan will be that he’s probably going to be cheap, and it’s only one year. This is a fallacy. The monetary cost is indeed likely to be slight, but the true cost is the roster spot, and the opportunities for young players who might actually be good to get spring at-bats. And that’s assuming he doesn’t luck into a full-time role, which will cost the team ballgames until they figure out he’s not worth it. Plus we all get to hear Terrence Moore crow about it.