– MLB – Recap – Braves at Mets – 07/07/2003

Hey, a complete game! Unfortunately, it involved the rookie Horacio Ramirez throwing 110 pitches, but it still gives me a warm feeling. (Hey, I’ve got my traditionalist leanings too.) Ramirez allowed only four hits and two walks, striking out seven, 75 of his pitches were strikes, and only one of the runs was earned.

Meanwhile, Chipper had two home runs again, and suddenly is looking like Chipper Jones again. Fick hit a three-run homer and Sheffield had three hits. The Braves had ten hits, but no walks. When you score seven runs, you don’t mind so much, but you aren’t going to score seven runs without walks unless you hit three homers again.

The Phillies lost to the Expos, and the Braves lead the former by 8 1/2, the latter by 9. The Marlins lost and are 11 1/2 out. Suddenly the Braves have a four-game winning streak, the Phillies a four-game losing streak, and all the ground the Phillies had made up is gone. They’ll have a chance to get closer again today, almost certainly, because Shane Reynolds is pitching.