8 thoughts on “The suits back down!”

  1. I felt sure that the promise of reviewing the decision later was an empty effort to placate. Kudos to the brass for actually doing so.

  2. I wonder if they are reversing their efforts to make the telecasts less Bravescentric? Some of the Sutton cheerleading for opposing pitchers was over the top.

    Also, has anyone heard what the matchups will be in the booth?

  3. I have written so many places atlantas home page, espn, mlb and none them returned witha n answer to this question. I am a long time braves fan and would like to find the answer to why Marcus Giles changed jersey numbers from 24 to 22? I thank you in advnce hopefully iget a response from you.

  4. It looks like Jesse Garcia wore 22 when Giles came up in 2001. After Garcia switched to 2 in 2002, Giles must have taken his old number, 22. Thanks to baseball-almanac.com and their stats which include jersey numbers.

  5. Welcome back Skip & Pete! Has anyone heard if they will be paired together? My mute button has gotton almost worn out from tuning out Sutton’s constant chatter.

  6. Remember:

    Not all stupid announcing comments come on bad plays and not all good announcing comments come on good plays.

    Welcome back Skip and Pete!!

  7. Midway through the season TBS gets it right by reinstalling its excellent pair of broadcasters, Skip and Pete.

  8. I am so glad that Skip and Pete are back! I think that Skip and Joe make the best team though. I absolutely love watching a game while they announce it! They are great, and I love them!!! Finally, it feels like Braves baseball again! Change is not always good! I am so glad that TBS righted its wrong! From a grateful Braves fan, thank you!!!!

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