Apparently, these teams were so desperate to play each other than they had to go extras. The Braves took a 3-0 lead early on a double by Wise and a single by Furcal. But Hampton got in trouble in the sixth, allowing two doubles, followed by a homer to the legendary Brandon Inge. And then nobody scored.

In the top of the tenth, though, DeRosa (hitting in the ninth spot where he really belongs) doubled to lead things off. He scored when pitcher Danny Patterson threw away a bunt by Furcal. The Braves got another baserunner when Nick Green got hit by a pitch, but couldn’t get anyone else in.

It was enough, though, because John Smoltz is on right now. He struck out two and got a flyout, and needed 11 pitches, nine of them strikes to do it. Reitsma pitched the eighth and ninth for the win.

The Braves, oddly enough, scored four runs but had only two RBI (because of the errors), but three of the runs were scored earned and the fourth was the pitcher’s own fault. I don’t think this has anything to do with anything, really, but it’s kind of interesting… The Braves are back over .500. The Phillies are losing, and the Braves could be only half game out of second if that holds up. (It should, the game’s 13-6.)

Oh, as nyb and the game previews remind me, John Smoltz was Tiger property once, long ago. So that’s one connection. But I hold by my question: does any other pair of teams dating to 1901 have less in common than these two?