3 thoughts on “Imprison Shane Reynolds”

  1. Sadly, the photos that Belliard took and passed down to Guillen who gave them to Keith Lockhart are now being misused. Lockhart forgot to tell Bragg that only one Brave at a time can use the evidence, so he’s given a set to Reynolds.

    How many more chances do you think tonight’s acceptable performance against the punchless Mets will get him? Nice graphic, Mac.

  2. Saw Adam Wainwright live @ the Southern League All Star game in Jacksonville Tuesday night. I think he’s ready. The most contact any batter made was a “throw the bat at the ball” swing for a weak grounder to second. He was by far the most impressive pitcher in the game.

    Exceptional games by Ryan Langerhans in CF (good pop on drive off CF wall at 420 sign), and James Jurries at 3B (beautiful diving play to his left and throws runner out).

    All-in-all, the Braves are well-stocked in AA.

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