Atlanta 9 Florida 6 – MLB – MLB RECAP

J.D. Drew had a huge game, the Braves’ bullpen had another good one (except for Smith and Gryboski), and the Braves scored nine runs, and could have scored more — they left 11 on base, seven in scoring position. I’ll take it.

Drew was 2-3 with two homers, a walk, five RBI, and three runs scored. His homers were the difference in the game. His solo shot in the fifth gave the Braves a two-run lead at the time, and after the Marlins had come back to cut the lead to one his two-run shot in the seventh provided the final two runs of the game.

Furcal, Green, and Estrada all also had two-hit nights, Charles Thomas hit an RBI triple and later scored the go-ahead run, and Mike Hessman, of all people, drove him in with the worst-looking single you’ll ever see. The bad news was that Chipper left the game after possibly hurting his hamstring, but it might have been precautionary on the wet field.

There was a long rain delay with nobody out, two on in the bottom of the second, and neither starter was around after that. Both had given up two runs in the first and AJ Burnett looked bad in the second as well, but the first relievers who came in after them stank. The Braves got four runs off of loser Darren Oliver, and Travis Smith was Travis Smith. He even threw in a walk this time. But Sam McConnell replaced him and went 3 1/3, allowing one run (the typical Gryboski inherited run) getting the win. He wasn’t really that good, when you break it down. He walked three, struck out only one, and threw nearly as many balls as strikes.

Alfonseca pitched the eighth and Smoltz the ninth for a save, his 14th. Still 17 behind Garber… The fourth game of the series will be a night game tomorrow. Maybe it won’t even rain again. The Mets and Phillies both lost, so the Braves picked up a game on everyone.

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  1. Off topic, I probably wouldn’t be thinking about this if I saw the game, but I was just looking through Smoltz’s stats, and I couldn’t help but ask: who would want to trade this guy. A closer won’t get much work if a team isn’t winning, as stupid as it sounds, but it’s true. We haven’t been winning, and we want to start winning by trading Smoltz? If we start winning, we lost somebody that is just utterly dominant in the late innings.

    Last year, we were talking about how he was almost as good as Gagne, and who would want to trade Gagne? Yes, Gagne is less expensive, and a slight bit better, but who are we gonna get in return for Smoltz that will make us better? He also makes teams scared to be behind after 8 innings. If Gagne didn’t exist, people would be saying “Game Over” when he comes in, he may have been the Cy Young last year, and people would be shittin’ bricks because he isn’t being used as much this year.

    I’m just saying, I can see Ortiz, I can see Andruw, but why Smoltz?

  2. You can’t really blame Gryboski for not pitching well. He’s pitched in 3 straight games, and I think they got him up in the pen twice in one of those two.

  3. I never thought I’d say I was glad to see Chipper out of the lineup, but Drew seems to be most comfortable as a #3 hitter. What the Braves are missing is a pure cleanup batter right now. Unless they trade for Griffey or Maggs, it will be a major problem for them.

    I think you have to DL Chipper again. He’s as useless as Derosion (.184 BA in June for Chipper) right now. Also of note, JD Drew has played in more of the past 50 games than any other Brave.

  4. Given past performance, do you throw LaRoche out there except as an occasional starter for Franco?

  5. I think LaRoche can contribute. I guess time will only tell if he is the real thing or the latest in a string of almost-were farm-raised 1st basemen the Braves have had over the years.

    One local thought about acquisitions is to pick up Randy Johnson because he would give you the stopper arm to get through the playoffs. My guess is you would have to give up some good farmhands, but it would be worth it.

  6. Randy Johnson – be still my beating heart. That’s not really possible, is it? I mean, I figure Ortiz & Marte would get it done, but I’d hate to get rid of Marte.

  7. I don’t think Randy is going anywhere, but if he is, he’ll be going to the Yankees.

    I wouldn’t mind trading Smoltz, but it’s tough to find a team that could take his salary, needs a closer, and is dumb enough to overpay for a closer. Houston? Either Chicago team?

  8. All the Yankees have is money. They have a lot of it, I’ll grant, but they really only have one prospect, and he’s a catcher who’s years away from the majors. Anybody can outbid them if they’re willing to take on the rest of Johnson’s contract.

  9. All the Yankees have is money. They have a lot of it, I’ll grant, but they really only have one prospect, and he’s a catcher who’s years away from the majors. Anybody can outbid them if they’re willing to take on the rest of Johnson’s contract.

    It seems my first post was unclear.

    Randy doesn’t want to go anywhere and he has management’s backing. But if he does decide to go, it will be to the Yankees.

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