Atlanta 9, Cincinnati 3 – MLB – Box Score – Reds at Braves

For once, the Braves’ bullpen pitched well and the Braves actually got some runs off the other team’s middle relief to pull out to an easy win.

After falling down 1-0 while the country was getting to watch a college football game instead of the Braves, the Braves got five runs in the third. Jorge Sosa and Furcal singled. Marcus hit a flyout on which Sosa advanced to third, but stumbled going in and may have tweaked something. Chipper grounded out but beat the relay to avoid the double play and tie the game. Andruw doubled home Chipper, LaRoche walked, and Francoeur hit another three-run homer.

But as keeps happening, the Braves immediately gave back half the lead. Sosa showed ill effects from his baserunning adventures, loading the bases on two walks and a single, then walking in a run. But he got a sac fly, a strikeout, and a groundout to get out of it with the score 5-3.

In the sixth, the Braves finally got some runs off the opponent’s middle relief. Francoeur and Franco were both hit by pitches (are the Braves’s pitchers ever going to stand up for their hitters, by the way?) after LaRoche walked. Furcal singled in two and Marcus doubled in two more.

The Braves, meanwhile, got four good innings from the pen. Boyer is still coming in to pitch the sixth, and I don’t get it, but he threw a perfect inning, as did Foster in the seventh and Brower in the ninth. McBride allowed one hit in the eighth.

The Phillies are losing late; no, the stupid Natspos blew a 4-1 lead in the ninth. I hate them. The Mets blew a lead to the Marlins, who stay 5 1/2 back… Horacio Ramirez is supposed to start tomorrow on short rest, and I have no idea why. The Braves called up Anthony Lerew, who warmed up in the bullpen today and would be available for long relief tomorrow.

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  1. Well, if the Phils are gonna win tonight, maybe it’ll take ’em 15 innings to do it. Of course, a Nats extra-inning win would be best.

  2. To all,

    This is my last post, officially, on bravesbeat, the road from bristol or anywhere else.

    I am permanently signing off unless I get a public apology from Stu.

    Yes, Stu, you showed no class by making a vicious personal attack on me.

    If you don’t like my cussing, fine. First, it’s a FREE Blog and hundreds of posters have cursed at the likes of Kolbb, Brower, Tom Martin and many others…why you only attack me is beyond me.

    Second, JoeyT. is one of the best posters on here and he has every right to call you a troll…and the fact is, you are a troll if you could’t ask me nicely if I wouldn’t cuss because it bothers you, rather then CONTINUALLY calling me class-less.

    I have developed a lot of good relationships on here and a lot of respect for my various Braves friends on here like JoeyT., creynolds, Jenny, ububba and many other nice people that come on here.

    So, don’t worry, you won’t have to see my cussing anymore. I am signing off permanently on both sites and Mac is officially on his own.

    My terms for returning are unconditional and when JoeyT, jenny and all the other GREAT posters on here wonder why I don’t come on here anymore, they can ask the ‘troll’. Stu, I give you credit–YOU WIN. You really upset me tonight because in real life, away from this Blog, I bed over backwards and put myself out to help my friends, my family (including my parents who still havent recovered from their car accident) and was donating to the Red Cross within 24 hours of Katrina.

    But to come to a haven like this for myself and be called classless by some evil little troll who couldn’t just ask me nicely to stop cursing is too much to bare. You have personally ruined something that was fun and a release for me.

    Mac, I will keep in touch with you seperately, as always, and JoeyT., I still want you to join my Fantasy Football league offline so please contact me offline again about that. (The league offer also stands for Jenny and creynolds, among others).

    That’s all..sayanara and goodbye.

    Alex R.

  3. Alex, I’m sorry. Please first recognize that I have, multiple times, asked you to refrain from cussing so much in the past. It never worked.

    You’re right, though, in that I went too far this evening. I am sorry if I hurt your feelings. I’m not really sure what your parents’ physical condition or the amount you’ve donated to the Red Cross has to do with the continued profanity I pointed out, but nevertheless, I am sorry. I didn’t mean to get personal, but I can see how you would take what I said personally. I don’t know you outside this blog, and I’m sorry if my saying you had no class–while I meant it only in reference to your cursing here–seemed to apply anywhere else.

    I wouldn’t want you to stop blogging here because of something I said. You’ve been here a lot longer than I have, anyway. Seriously, though, it’s unnecessary to use so much profanity so frequently, and I really would appreciate it if you’d stop.

    Finally, I didn’t say JoeyT had no right to call me a troll. I simply asked why he called me a troll. And on that, I want his answer, not yours.

    In sum: I’m sorry, please don’t leave because of me, I am curious to know what I said to JoeyT to get him upset.

  4. Common guys, can’t we all get along?! We are all Braves fans, and I hope we are all matured enough to respect each other’s comment. We all cuss, and just because Alex cusses more often than the others do not make him classless. In fact, Stu, I don’t see much class in you by reading your comment on Alex in game thread.

    The guy was in a happy mood after the UGA game and, Stu, you just have to pick a fight on him. I don’t necessary agree with everything Alex or you wrote, but I believe Stu does owed Alex an apology.

  5. I don’t remember TBS ever showing college football before, but I never watch it except to follow Braves games, so maybe I just missed it.

    Two things I can’t believe: Marcus’ double didn’t go out of the park, and we didn’t do anything about Frenchy and Julio getting hit. We are lucky that wasn’t worse…both looked like they hit right on bone. I know the Braves are all about class and professionalism, but come on. It probably wasn’t on purpose, but in cases like that I subscribe to the “retaliation based on pain induced” school.

    I’ll second Stu’s request to tone down the cussing a little, Alex (especially the f-bombs) but lest you think I’m ganging up on you ;-), I’m definitely not. Personal remarks are not cool and always lead to trouble.

  6. Jenny they showed some Pac10 and Big12 games last year and maybe the year before that too

    BTW, whats w. Brower throwing the best inning of the night?

  7. Alex, you have to deal with trolls by ignoring them, not by taking what they say seriously. You’re a big part of the best baseball blog on the net; don’t let a little silliness about college football (of all things!) take away from that.

    Berman just interviewed Jack McKeon of the Florida Marlins on the proper technique for lighting a cigar on sportscenter. We -need- you for things like this!!

  8. Alex, C’mon back, take a deep breath & relax. It’ll be alright. This is a really nice oasis for Braves fans, esp. for those outside the Southeast.

    I don’t care about the cussing at all. They’re just words. But I guess other people on this forum do, so for what it’s worth, that’s why I try to watch myself & attempt to respect the other folks here. (It’s been awhile since I lived in the Bible Belt or around people who didn’t regularly use paint-peeling language.)

    And Stu, thanks for your response,too.

    Please let’s try to act with some decorum & respect each other and each other’s views (as goofy as some may be). The debate is fun. Let’s try not to get personal or take things personally. Kinda defeats the purpose here. We’re kinda pullin’ in the same direction, remember?

    Off the soapbox…

  9. Jenny, you are right, Marcus can’t buy a homerun recently. We have seen at least two of his doubles hit the very top of the fence the past week or so. I guess he is determined to break his own record in doubles.

  10. Sorry… feeling a little too silly this early in the morning. But I meant the “c’mon back” part, for sure.

    Anyway. I was thinking about this whole reliever situation, and even though it drives me nuts to see Boyer coming in so early and Reitsma and Brower coming in so late, I think Cox is doing the right thing. Farnsworth (and I guess Foster) are the only ones really “set” in the bullpen. We need to know what we’re going to get out of guys like Reitsma and Brower, if anything. We’re going to have to count on someone other than Farnsworth, Foster and Boyer to get anywhere in the postseason. And why not let the guys who have been good in the past (and, yes, I’m including Reitsma) try to find it again? There is some wriggle room in the standings… may as well take advantage of it.

    I don’t know… maybe I’m jsut getting used to it. We seem to go through the frustrating late-season bullpen issues every year.

  11. I’ve always wanted to live in Atlanta. The closest I’ve got–so far–is Augusta in ’84-’85.
    I want to be able to talk with diehard Braves fans each day. I figured I have to visit somebody’s home, because it’s hard to vent frustration in a public place. Sometimes salty language is called for.

    “Diehard” is a term associated with Cub fans. Before Mac is through, diehard Braves fans will have a home of their own. This is Mac’s house. If you visit, Alex R. will be there, because of their freindship and passion for sports. I think the experience would br greatly dampened without either of them posting.

    So I’ll keep coming to Mac’s house, becuase it’s a bright spot in this insane world. There’s room for you, too, Stu. Thanks for apologizing.

    Break out the Tomato jerseys! Living here in the heart of whining Reds country, where they’re blacking out TBS during game time, a sweep would make me very happy.

  12. After 40 years of watching the Braves this is one of the most enjoyable teams I have witnessed. It could have gone much worse if JS hadn’t plucked Sosa and Farnsworth for auxillary Braves. (I was disapointed at the time that he picked Sosa instead of the lefty).For the 1st time in years the future of the Braves looks very bright with all the talent in the minors.

  13. Good grief, the self-indulgent melodrama! It’s like a freaking soap opera, except with even worse dialog. For crying out loud…

  14. Yahoo has Thomson penciled in for tomorrow’s start. The Official Site has a TBA. Tomorrow would be full rest, so I’d be kind of surprised if he didn’t start, even though he’s looked really shaky since his injury.

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