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It’s under the links to the right, that’s just how things got arranged here. It’s “Which retired ex-Brave most deserves to be in the Hall of Fame?” The eight candidates are all either currently on the ballot, are long-retired players with some constituency, or are players the Hall lists as appearing on upcoming ballots.

6 thoughts on “New Poll”

  1. Wow, more heavily in favor of Murphy than I’d have imagined.

    I’m guessing this is a strict fanboy vote, influenced by having grown up in the 80’s and remembering Evans as a Giant/Tiger and Sutter as a shell of his former self.

  2. I just listed the players whom the Hall did. Bonilla’s one of them in a future ballot; I don’t expect he’ll be on it more than one year. Bonilla’s case only works if you consider him a third baseman. 2010 hits, 287 HR, never led the league in anything but doubles (once) and salary (three times). There are about 200 hitters with better numbers, half of whom aren’t in the Hall.

  3. My memory may be faulty, but I seem to recall Murphy hurting the Dodgers frequently during all those years when Atlanta was in the NL West, so I voted for the guy. Besides, his stats are pretty good.

  4. Only three votes for Lew? That’s sad. He was before my time too, but any fan of the team should know its history…

  5. Other than the fact that he toiled for the Braves, why should anyone be voting for Lew Burdette? He was a good, but not great, pitcher. Pitching in perhaps the best pitcher’s park of his generation, he was in the top 10 in ERA only 4 times. For his career, his ERA was *above* league average and only pitched about 3000 innings. Heck, he only made the All Star team — back in the days of 8 team leagues — twice. Good, but not great pitcher who doesn’t belong in Cooperstown.

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