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The New Comment System

Well, hello everyone! Some of you like the new comment system and its new features. Some of you hate it. And some of you are just trying to make it work correctly. For those of you that hate it, let me explain why it was done...

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Normal, whatever that is

So, it looks like I’m back to doing recaps full time now. I’m feeling much better, even better than I did before I got sick with pneumonia. Recaps will mostly be of the morning variety and some might be a bit...

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So it’s my birthday again. For a while there, it wasn’t too clear that I’d make it this far, but so far, so good. Thanks to everybody who’s been there for this past year.

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Hi there

I’m currently zonked out on morphine and percoset, and waiting an X-ray. Let’s just say that I am not currently functioning at 100 percent. Call it Snitker Mode. I also have the manual dexterity of Brooks Conrad...

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So, I did this

Get me with the arrogance. This is, mostly, a selection of entries from here from the years 1998-2003. I have added a brief comment to each one. The first part, I actually compiled several years ago when I was trying to preserve...

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Thanks to everyone who contributed to my mini-fundraising drive. It’s much appreciated. Braves Annual 2011. The above is supposed to be shipping now, to be on newsstands start March 1 or thereabouts. I...

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Health Update

I’ve been letting this go for awhile, until I was pretty sure… But it appears that the cancer is defeated, at least for now. You can never tell with this, but all the tests (blood work and PET scans) show up as...

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So, I have a new hole in me, but the surgery seems to have been successful. There’s still a little “discomfort”, though the Percoset does a lot for that. The main thing is that I feel very, very weak. The...

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