I blame Hampton

Apparently the site was hacked this morning, which caused some problems. Anyway, that’s why the theme returned to the default. I’ll probably install something new later, I don’t know.

Anyway, the long-awaited (two days) sequel to “Mike Hampton Flies a Helicopter”!

UPDATE: This is not my day. Give me a few minutes and I’ll have it back up.

Okay, try it now.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Seriously, people… Hampton may have a lot of Google stock. Lord knows he’s got enough money. Anyway, let’s try again.

Okay, here’s load number three of the video, which has now caused me more problems than all the others combined:

I also put it up on Google Video, here.

81 thoughts on “I blame Hampton”

  1. “We’re sorry, this video is no longer available. Mike Hampton touched it and it became instantly disabled.”

  2. Shouldn’t there be a clause in his contract that says he can’t fly helicopters? It’d be hard to say he was washing his truck if we have video proof.

  3. Yes, the Lockhart bit caused me to—for the first time with any of these videos—actually laugh out loud.

  4. You mean my posts, or the comments? Yeah, I’m playing with the themes again, but if the comments aren’t numbered this might not work. Shame, I like it.

  5. Sorry, the comments.

    Hey, it’s your blog. Do what you like best. I’m just somewhat OCD and may literally go crazy from reading your blog in the future.

  6. This joke stopped being funny the first video. Is this some sort of postmodern joke, where if you beat a theme to death in an unfunny way we eventually start laughing? Yes, Hampton has been hurt. On the other hand, he’s occasionally won a lot of games, made a lot of money, and by all reports has been working hard to come back.

    If you enjoy kicking people while they’re down, or revelling in injuries, what might be funnier would be a slow motion video showing Dave Dravecky’s cancerous arm breaking while throwing his last pitch.

    Or how about starting a discussion of our “country strong” and/or newly “ripped” Atlanta Braves?

  7. Remember when Sportscenter changed from the blue theme to the gold-ish beige one like 15 years ago? This is like that. It’ll take some getting used to.

  8. I guess I got used to the older look, but I never thought the colors were right. This blog, I think, either needs Braves colors or neutral colors like this.

  9. I like how this look includes the recent posts. I missed that in the last look, because I rarely actually quit my internet browser, and would just stay on one thread until I realized nobody was posting on it anymore because I never went back to the home page, just refreshed the current thread. I think after a few days this look will sink in, and I won’t think about it anymore.

  10. My only comment would be that it is harder to tell where one post ends and another begins (at least on the home page, not so much the comments).

  11. how much would it cost to get his guy:

    Andrew Miller, LHP, Marlins.

    I’ve seen him pitch at UNC and, lemme tell you, the kid’s gonna be a stud. a cross between C.C. Sabbathia and Beddard (without the attitude).

    Doubt, highly, that Fla would trade him within the division, but would a package of:

    Gorkys Hernandez and Steve Evarts get it done?

    also, LOVE the new look, Mac…

  12. I like this theme… enough that I’m using it on a couple of my own sites. For my personal blog I used this theme and just stripped down a few pics of my kids to use as the header images. Can you find enough flickr pics to use to strip down and use for the header? I’m never sure if the “don’t take pictures without permission” edict on all things MLB would limit somebody from posting truely CC pictures on flickr of the Braves. You should at least be able to find some little league pictures to use.

    Oh, and thanks for the reminder to go update my WordPress installations.

  13. If we’re being unrealistic, let’s at least go after the better (and younger) 6’6″ lefty: David Price. Unlike Miller, DP even has a third pitch.

  14. mac,
    the info in the center column would be easier to read it it were treated different from the other two columns. perhaps a subtle color shift to define the column.
    if you send me your banner file i’ll resize it for you

  15. Yesterday BP ranked Gorkys the fifth-best defensive outfielder in all of the minor leagues. This follows their ranking of him as the second-best baserunner in all classifications. He could be a young Willie Wilson.

  16. Marlins will never trade Andrew Miller. He’s going to be a stud. As I’ve said quite a few times, my best memory of high school baseball was getting struck out by Andrew Miller. Sad, I know, but hey, who can say they’ve been struck out by a future MLB All-Star? It would have been sweet if I had gotten a base-hit, but you can’t change the past.

    Speaking of basehits, I got my first collegiate basehit yesterday. It was a 42-hopper, grounder-with-eyes through the left side of the infield against Florida College. I’ll take it.

  17. Rob — nice work. Congrats. We’ve still got tons of snow and ice on the ground in Wisconsin so I can’t even go hit softballs yet. Enjoy it.

  18. Like I said yesterday, Bill James Online has been launched, and I’m a subscriber. Anyway, I asked Mr. James if any player of Chipper’s stature had never led the league in anything.

    I’m answering from Florida, and I don’t have access to my reference books. But from memory. . .I don’t think Yogi Berra ever led the league in anything; he was a three-time MVP and an obvious Hall of Famer. There may be another player like that who was a catcher or shortstop. I’d be surprised if there was anybody else who was NOT a catcher or a shortstop.

    He’s right about Berra, I checked.

  19. Rob,
    Congrats. Robin Ventura, watch out.

    Re: Roger Clemens
    A really good story in the new SI (by Tom Verducci) explaining Roger Clemens’ mindset. His self-delusion is pretty stunning.

  20. #45
    robert, that’s ridiculous. there’s no way hampton no-hits every single team this year. geez…some people. :)

  21. Chris,
    I think it’s too early to determine the HoF chances of Clemens. This thing is far from over.

    However, even if he’s convicted of perjury & remains an obstinate liar, there will still be people who hold onto the idea that “Clemens was a HoFer before he found the juice, so he should still get in.”

    Me, I reserve the right to watch all of this play out. But it wouldn’t break my heart if he didn’t make it.

  22. ditto Ububba…I could care less what happens with Clemens.

    Haven’t posted much in quite a while, but I have to say that I like the look a lot more than the previous. FWIW

  23. #52 – I think he was stating that Hampton wouldnt pitch in a game this year, therefore there is no way he can give up a hit…just my take

  24. pictures of Roger at Canseco’s party have turned up. Roger has repeatedly denied being there. The hits keep on coming dont they? This thing is going to get real ugly. However, Barry Bonds has to feel a little better that the spotlight is off of him for a while

  25. @53

    Barry Bonds was an obvious HOFer before juicing up, but I really doubt anyone is going to vote him in anytime soon.

  26. Well, it’s going to be 5 years until anyone has to make that decision for either of them. I think they’re both in. But it’s impossible to know what the climate will be like in another half-decade.

  27. More importantly, Vanderbilt opened it’s baseball season by defeating the two-time defending national champs, Oregon State, 8-1, behind 4 RBIs from All-American shortstop Ryan Flaherty and 6 strong innings from All-American starter Mikie Minor.

    Next up: the #1 ranked Arizona State Sun Devils. Bring ’em on.

  28. Okay, I threw together a new banner for the home page. (There are five different banners in this theme, so I still need four more, which is why the dog is still on top of this individual post page.) You may need to reload to see the new one. Is it acceptable?

  29. Dog’s butt should be gone now if you reload. Header 1 is on the front page, and has several active players. header 2 is on the individual entry page and has several players no longer with the team.

  30. I don’t really want to have to deal with the CSS, as the odds of me actually coming up with a good alteration of this are pretty slim. If there’s anyone out there who has some skills and wants to give it a shot, that would be great.

  31. I think I ask this every couple of months around here, but anyone know whats going on with JC Holt? Is he really considered a prospect at this point?

  32. We’ve got as much or more than UNC; you guys have certainly been better at peaking at the right time, though.

    FWIW, I’ll be following the career of one of your freshmen next season very closely: catcher Jacob Stallings, the son of our basketball coach. He signed with Chapel Hill when Tim Corbin told him he probably wouldn’t see much playing time at Vandy until his fourth year because of Curt Casali.

  33. yeah, I have heard of Stallings…

    now, if only we could get Tim Melville on campus next year. That guy, people say, may go #1 in the draft.

    but as far as having more talent than UNC…hmmmm…

    recruiting wise:

    last year, we were ranked #7, you #15 by baseball news.

    in 2006, we were ranked #6, you not in the top-40 by Collegiate Baseball Newspaper

    I won’t get into a nit-picking fight, as these rankings are usually meaningless, and Price was an amazing pitcher (Andrew Miller was as well), but as far as talent, until they play, we gotta go with these rankings. and i’ll stand by and say we, at UNC, have more talent than Vandy.

    your 3rd baseman, though, Pedro Alvarez, is nasty. and imagine him with the Rays? they’re going to be very good very soon.

  34. Our current junior class was number one in the country, and we have hardly any sophomores–didn’t need ’em–which is why that year’s class isn’t ranked highly. We also have one of the top two or three incoming classes next year. The programs are very comparable, and both are at the top of the college baseball world.

  35. you’re right, Stu. as a matter of fact, I root for Vandy (in all sports) when i’m not rooting for my tarheels. just like the school and the way they do things.

    and, someone i work with here in Prague was a former Professor at the Peabody School of Ed. Might be going back for PhD work in the future. she was offered the head, but turned it down due to family obligations.

  36. You do realize, Mac that Hampton has impressed thus far and is reporting no injuries. Dave O’brien reported in his blog that Hampton was hitting his spots and pitching well. Yes, it has been more than just slightly annoying that he’s been on the DL for two and half years, but enough is enough. Why don’t we see what he can do this year, before making a ton of videos of him falling down and injuring himself. I mean, seriously, that might have been humorous the first 900 times, but is now getting really old. Give the man the benefit of the doubt for this year already. You know he’s gonna want to prove himself now, because this is the final year of his contract, and if he wants to pitch beyond 2008, he is going to have to really work it. If he gets injured or blows this year, NO one will sign him. Not even the KC Royals. Have some faith already, we are due to Hampton luck now.

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