3 thoughts on “Grissom Could Get Braves On Track”

  1. Lets see… can’t run anymore, can’t really play center, OBP under .300 You do mean 4th outfielder on the Richmond Braves don’t you?

  2. I love how Moore thinks of Brian Jordan as such a great leader to take the Braves to the next level, blah blah, blah. Does he fail to notice that the Jordan Braves won exactly zero titles? How the Jordan Cardinals lost to the Justice-free Braves in 1996?

    Bah. But it’s par for the course for Terence.

  3. Jordan was Moore’s clubhouse source when he was in Atlanta. Actually he was pretty much everyone’s, I think… I believe Justice had the same role in the early nineties. Moore’s just buttering up his sources. You should recall that he predicted that trading Jordan for Sheffield would be a disaster, which it clearly was not.

    Where, pray tell, would Jordan or Justice play? That’s the question. You can’t move Chipper back to third without first disposing of Vinny’s bloated corpse, Sheffield has to be in the outfield, and Andruw isn’t going anywhere. Justice could play first base, I guess. It wouldn’t be that bad of an idea, actually, except for all his injuries, which were the reason I was happy to see him go in the first place.

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