Category: Player Analysis Through 2006

Daryle Ward

The Daryle Ward Story… Ward is the son of former major leaguer Gary Ward, an outfielder who had a 12-year career in which he had one really good season (1982) and a whole lot of mediocre ones. Daryle, who hits and throws...

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Danys Baez

Danys Baez is, probably, better than his 4.35 ERA this season. He’s not as good as his 2.86 ERA of last year, though. He’s probably something in-between — like his career 3.76 career ERA. Mind you, that’s...

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Bob Wickman

Bob Wickman Statistics – Sort of a cross between Jeff Reardon, ca. 1992, and Danny Kolb, ca. whenever. He’s a great big fat guy who used to be a top closer. Wickman was one of the many, many...

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Jason Shiell

Shiell, a 29-year-old righthander, is expected to start the Wednesday game against the Cardinals. Shiell was a Braves minor leaguer way back when, picked in the 48th round of the 1995 draft out of a Georgia high school....

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Tyler Yates

Yates is a Hawaiian and pitched at Hawaii-Hilo, and a career reliever.  Drafted by the A’s, like so many college pitchers, he slowly meandered up the chain, doing most of his best pitching in his second year at a level. ...

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Chad Paronto

The latest in a long line of fat righthanded relievers who allow far too many baserunners. Lots of hits, pedestrian strikeout numbers in the minors. Home run rate is pretty good. He’s essentially Gryboski with better...

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Brad Baker

Signed by the Braves after a low-rent bidding war, Baker is on the 40-man and will probably get a good chance to make the roster; there’s a lot of competition, but very little of it is established. Baker is 25 and has...

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John Foster

There are worse pitchers, but I don’t think Foster is the sort of guy who pushes a team forward. He was actually okay last year, a 4.15 ERA, picked up a save. Bobby used him as a LOOGY and McBride to pitch whole innings...

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