Yates is a Hawaiian and pitched at Hawaii-Hilo, and a career reliever.  Drafted by the A’s, like so many college pitchers, he slowly meandered up the chain, doing most of his best pitching in his second year at a level.  After the 2000 season he was the throw-in (with Mark Guthrie) to bring Dave Justice from the Mets (where he’d been for all of a week after being traded for Robin Ventura).

Yates pitched well in AAA in 2002 but evidently got hurt and spent a lot of 2003 lower levels learning to start.  He wasn’t particularly impressive, but these being the Mets they put him in the major league rotation to start 2004 anyway.  He had two good starts, both against the Expos, but otherwise was shelled.  There being little call for pitchers who can only beat the Expos, he was sent to AAA, then brought back as a reliever.  He wasn’t really any better at that.  He missed the 2005 season after blowing out his arm, then failed to make the team in spring training this year and was cut loose.  The Braves, desperate for relievers, picked him up.  He pitched really well in AAA but I’m not convinced that he’ll ever make it in the majors.
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