Pena’s back for now as insurance in case Todd Pratt has to leave the game and McCann isn’t able to go.  There are lots of flaws in Pena’s game; he doesn’t walk a whole lot, he doesn’t hit homers, and he throws like a kindergartener.  But what he’s supposed to do is hit for a high average with lots of doubles.

Which is why it’s a concern that Pena has hit only .226/.280/.287 in Richmond so far.  Carlos Mendez had far outhit him (.288/.303/.390) and might have been up instead, but Pena’s on the 40-man and Mendez isn’t.  I still have hope for Pena, I think he was just slumping, but he probably won’t play much if at all with the big team.
Brayan Pena – Statistics – The Baseball Cube