Chad Paronto

The latest in a long line of fat righthanded relievers who allow far too many baserunners. Lots of hits, pedestrian strikeout numbers in the minors. Home run rate is pretty good. He’s essentially Gryboski with better control. Big whoop. Went to UMass, drafted by the Orioles in the eighth round, kept getting promoted less because he was doing anything particularly well but because there wasn’t any point in not promoting him. Eventually made it to the majors, pitching mediocre baseball for the Orioles and Indians, spent 2004 with the Cardinals organization and began 2005 with the Brewers, who dumped him even though he was actually pitching rather well by his standards, then Richmond in the second half. Doesn’t really belong in the majors, doesn’t really not belong.

Chad Paronto – Statistics – The Baseball Cube

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  1. I normally would have written more, but it’s impossible to get excited by Chad Paronto. Even to hate him (though I know Alex R. will). He’s such a nonentity.

  2. I almost thought Gryboski is back with the Braves when I saw Paronto pitched last night…which means I want him to go back to Richmond asap.

  3. According to the sched I have posted on my wall I get to watch baseball instead of sex in the damn city this weekend. I’m ok with that even if it is the Marlins and Nats.

    Since I don’t know who Chad Parento is and in a couple of days won’t care, I’d just like to throw my 2 cents in about Gant’s comment about Francoeur. Ronnie, dude…. aggressiveness ain’t Jeff’s problem. Its pitch selection….duh!? At this rate Francoeur ain’t gonna be league avg unless he hits .320. Man its so frustrating watching him swing at bad pitches. Someone said here that he has struck out less than LaRoche and Giles. Well shoot I guess those weak ass grounders he chops toward the plate are better than strikeouts but not much.

    Has anyone heard ANYTHING on Kelly Johnson’s progress? Is he out for the year?

  4. Chad fat*ss Parento. How do u get so big and still consider yourself a baseball player. Plus he looked like a nervous rookie out there against the marlins.

  5. Doesn’t really belong in the majors, doesn’t really not belong.

    That pretty much sums up the whole braves bullpen.

    “It used to be that tattoos were edgy, cool and hip. Now pitching coaches are getting them. The latest person to succumb to the needle is Leo Mazzone, the rocking pitching coach of the Baltimore Orioles, who had “14 Straight” tagged on his arm.” –

    You know those tattoes you get that you later regret? Well. . .

  6. I think Frenchy is getting better all the time. He is going to look bad at times, but when he starts recognizing pitches better he is going to be fine. He is only, what 21? Just chill, he is going to be a very good ball player. He has had some big hit for us this year. His approach is not that of the Money Ball way of winning and he will piss off the stat nerds, but he is going to be fine. If he puts the ball in play, some of those weak ass choppers might sneak through the infield or he might beat a few out. I would rather him put the ball in play than strike out. He has great speed and he can leg out some infield hits and is hard to double up, harder than LaRoche at least.

  7. The problem I see in jeff is he’s using simple thinking to be more selective. He takes on 3-0 he swings on 3-1 (most of the time of course). It doesn’t seem like he’s actually recongnizing pitches that often.

  8. I think he recongizing the curve better and can hit it (if it doesn’t boucne up there)

  9. As for KJ, I haven’t really been looking but I haven’t heard anything. My guess is that he will not play this year. The recovery time for a non-pitcher from Tommy John surgery is not as long as for a pitcher (Luis Gonzalez had his in August and was ready to start the next season) so they can afford to wait and see if it heals.

  10. has it become trend to walk barry bonds? 31 walks this year and he is not even hitting that great. pujols has 31 walks and has about twice as many pa’s as bonds, and over 3 times as many homeruns. yet, people still pitch to albert in clutch situations. when will it become trend to walk pujols?

  11. I would walk Puljos with no one on and two outs in the bottom of the first with a 5-0 lead. Nobody in baseball scares me like he does.

  12. Seeing reitsma come in for the ninth scares me more than pujols.

  13. pujols is on pace for 81 homeruns. i am not much of a stat guy, but i think that would be a record. if i was a betting man, i would bet that walking albert will soon be as big of a trend as walking barry. ok, sorry for dwelling… i am done now

  14. The Sturgeon Generals thank the Phillies for their generous decision to promote Cole Hamels. Now, I’m worried about the Braves beating him :)

  15. I was looking at the Braves stats and it supirsed me to learn that Frenchy is 2nd on the team in hits and RBIs, just a few behind Andrew in both. Of course, this might not mean anything because he is the only player besides Andrew that has not left the lineup for any reason.

  16. I haven’t seen it, but my guess based on the URL is that it’s about A-Rod, has the ‘Brokeback Mountain’ soundtrack, and makes at least one “A-Rod is gay” joke.

    How far off am i?

  17. Pretty close, but there aren’t any words. The wonderful montage does it all, and the end is especially good. Yes, it’s kind of juvenile. And I actually hated “Brokeback Mountain.” But it was cathartic.

  18. Despite jenny’s claims that she stays away from that sort of humor, yes, it’s about A-Rod and Jeter being “good” friends, and about how A-Rod is jealous that Jeter’s paying Johnny Damon some attention now. And the Brokeback theme is prominently involved.

    Actually, I didn’t find it funny at all. But I like both Jeter and A-Rod, so I’m sure to be in the minority.

  19. for all of you that arent “juvenile humor” people, i got one thing to say: Grow down.

  20. I appreciate juvenile humor. The key for me is that it has to actually be humorous.

  21. That Pujols guy is pretty good. 18 home runs, 31 walks, 10 strikeouts so far this year. He’s the anti-Francoeur.

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