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Reid Gorecki

Reid Gorecki Minor League Statistics & History – Gorecki becomes the ninth outfielder that the Braves have tried this year, not counting Infante. It’s been that sort of year. Gorecki, like...

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Ryan Church

He must be talented, because apparently everyone hates him. His managers, at any rate. Church was a fourteenth round pick of the Indians in 2000, out of Nevada-Reno, which two years earlier had graced the baseball world with...

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Barbaro Canizares

A great big righthanded hitter (listed at 240 lbs., and looks it) who was born to DH, but signed with the wrong league. Canizares defected in 2006 and hasn’t done anything since but hit the baseball, putting up a career...

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Diory Hernandez

An interesting player. Hernandez can hit, for average at any rate, and his walk rate has been decent through his career. It took him a while to get going; for the first four years of his career, he looked like organizational...

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Clint Sammons

Only up to back up McCann until David Ross is healthy, and if the Braves have their way won’t even play. Sammons was pretty terrible in a late-season callup last year, .148/.220/.204, though this marked a vast improvement...

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Jordan Schafer

He’s kind of an up and down player. When he’s up, he’s way up, but when he’s down, he’s not even playing. Schafer had a very up spring, apparently winning the centerfield job, and if he stays up, he...

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Blaine Boyer

It looks like he’s made the team, and he has been pitching well this spring. Boyer has essentially been rehabbing for three years. He went down late in 2005 — ultimately leading to the Joey Devine Experience in...

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Peter Moylan

Another player from whom I don’t know what to expect, though for different reasons than some. There aren’t many pitchers like him — submariners/sidearmers who throw really hard — and he’d already...

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Matt Diaz

I don’t know what to expect, and I don’t think anyone else does, either. Diaz, after two outstanding years of half-time play, was completely useless — worse than Francoeur — in 2008 before tearing up his...

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Kenshin Kawakami

I really haven’t the foggiest idea. He apparently looked good yesterday, but (a) it’s spring training, and (b) I didn’t actually see it and am relying upon secondhand reports of dubious value. According to...

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Garret Anderson

Ladies and gentlemen, the Common North American Has-Been. Anderson, who was never as good as his press clippings to begin with, has shown little evidence that he can still play major league baseball since 2004. In the large...

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Tom Glavine

Let it go, Tom. Tommy is now 42 years old. He will turn 43 on opening day. I don’t normally call for players to retire, and in general I am of the school that if they can get someone to pay them, they might as well give it...

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Greg Norton

Norton was a sensational pinch-hitter last year; in 72 tries, he hit .316 .473 .526. In the lineup… not so much, though when he started he did pretty well. There’s a lot of value in a guy who hits like that in pinch...

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Omar Infante

I’m not sure. Infante had career highs (not counting a 72-AB callup in 2002) in batting average and on-base percentage. Most of that would appear to be making more contact, as Infante was much harder to strike out than he...

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Martin Prado

Last season, I made fun of Prado — a lot — but he was an awfully good bench player. His batting line of .320 .377 .461 was pretty much what we would have expected of Matt Diaz, very close to Diaz’s 2006-07...

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