Kris Medlen

Little guy out of a junior college who has done nothing but get people out in the minor leagues, but didn’t so much in his first major league start. Medlen was primarily an infielder as an amateur, a shortstop/closer; the Braves decided that he was better situated as a pitcher, even though he’s listed at 5-10 and is actually probably a couple of inches short of that. In the low minors, he was a dominant reliever, with a 0.41 ERA in Danville in 2006 and a 1.53 ERA on three levels in 2007. (Those ERAs are distorted, as nearly half the runs he allowed were scored “unearned”, but he was very good.)

In 2008, as I recall, he struggled some as a reliever in Mississippi, but was converted to the rotation and returned to being dominant. A lot of people questioned the move, but it’s hard to say it hasn’t worked, and if he fails they can always try the bullpen again. In Gwinnett this year, he outpitched Tommy Hanson, so there was certainly a case for promoting him instead of the more ballyhooed prospect.

Medlen is a fastball-curve-change pitcher; the curve is probably his best pitch. He’s piled up strikeouts with a fairly decent walk rate in the minors; it remains to be seen if he can keep the strikeouts against major league hitters. Not everybody can. The height issue is, in my opinion, silly. Tall people have, on average, longer arms, so they throw harder. But if a short person throws hard, there’s no reason to think he can’t succeed as a pitcher.

A pocket Micah Owings, Medlen has hit .333/.355/.567 in the minors, though that’s in just 32 PA. He’s also 2 of 2 as a basestealer.

Kristopher Medlen Minor League Statistics & History –

This will serve as the game thread for tonight (Braves at Giants). Also, no recap until the morning. I may not have a life, but I do have a job.

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  1. Nelson Cruz? No?

    He’s not young, but he’s still pre-arbitration and won’t be a free agent until 2013. And he slugs. Would the Rangers want more than folks here are willing to part with?

  2. If you want a good laugh, check out the All Star voting.

    Chipper trails Bill Hall by 90,000, but the fun is all at the catching position.

    Yadier Molina .275/.348/.384 451,368
    Jason Kendall .217/.305/.271 (!) 383,773
    Ivan Rodriguez .260/.305/.450 292,496
    Russell Martin .270/.380/.322 261,917
    Brian McCann .326/.417/.543 227,564

    Brewers are obviously getting out the vote as JJ Hardy leads the shortstop voting, with Corey Hart 7th in the outfield.

  3. I guess, like most things, it would depend on the price.

    Regardless, still a substantial improvement on the current options.

  4. #3, the Braves’ lackluster attendance so far has a lot to do with those vote totals.

  5. @ 3&6

    Still, that is just stupidity.

    How many people here are going to vote for Stenchy and ACHE because they’re Braves?

  6. All-star game fan voting has been a joke since it was instituted. I’ve not cared about it since I was about 12.

    If the Red Sox ever took Jeff Francoeur, Theo could be classified as supremely delusional. We love you, Theo, you’re the best.

    From MetWorld: Jose Reyes & Ryan Church to the DL.

    They call up hotshot OF prospect Fernando Martinez & buy journeyman infielder Wilson Valdez from Cleveland.

    Also, Carlos Beltran is out until Friday with a bone bruise/”inflamed tibia.”

  7. In discussing Choo, I just want to note that he’s on my fantasy team and he’s an at least solid outfielder.

  8. The home-road split usually has to do with power, but this season Cruz has hit 7 of his 12 homers on the road, and has nearly an identical slugging percentage. It’s small sample size, but what we do know is that he’ll hit a lot of home runs, probably more than anyone else on the Braves. He just seems to get on base more at home, for whatever reason.

  9. OK, so I submitted my ballot for the ASG, and I’m going to post it anyone can agree/disagree/ridicule me.

    American League

    First Base:
    Cabrera, M., DET
    Second Base:
    Hill, A., TOR
    Third Base:
    Longoria, E., TB
    Bartlett, J., TB
    Mauer, J., MIN
    Bay, J., BOS
    Crawford, C., TB
    Cruz, N., TEX

    National League

    First Base:
    Pujols, A., STL
    Second Base:
    Utley, C., PHI
    Third Base:
    Jones, C., ATL
    Ramirez, H., FLA
    McCann, B., ATL
    Braun, R., MIL
    Ibañez, R., PHI
    Anderson, G., ATL JUST KIDDING!! Upton, J., ARI

    Now, if I DID vote Garret Anderson, would my ballot lose ALL credibility, or just most of it?

  10. @11

    I love Chipper, but it’s got to be Zimmerman.

    Also, while I know Albert is better, its a shame Adrian Gonzalez isn’t starting. Doing what he is doing, in that ballpark of all places, is legit.

  11. I just gave Chipper and McCann 10 votes. Let’s see if we can use Braves Journal to put a spike in the vote.

  12. I wouldn’t have a problem with you voting for Anderson. What if the voting public did vote in the worst players? Maybe MLB could extend the AS break by a day to accommodate the inaugural Non Star game. Sounds like a new revenue stream to me. Can you imagine something more entertaining than Buddy Carlyle pitching to Jose Vidro?

    Nelson Cruz would be a fine idea, but are the Rangers going to trade him? I don’t think they have any reason to consider it.

  13. 14—The Rangers have plenty of outfielders. Of course, they seem to have plenty of capable starters, too, so it probably wouldn’t be a great match.

  14. Any chance we could pry Adrian Gonzalez away from the Friars? I mean, they’re in the middle of a big roll and trying to dump Peavy’s salary at the same time so that tells me where their heart is at.

  15. I voted for Dunn just because I really want to see him in the Home Run Derby.

  16. The Rangers’ pitching is headed for a freefall. They’re last in the league in strikeouts, by a lot, and if they keep tossing it over the plate (which is apparently what they’re doing, as they’re also low in walks) eventually they’re going to start giving up homers by the bushel.

    I don’t want to trade with the Rangers any more than Tigers fans want to trade with us.

  17. I’m beginning to agree with many of you that we should swap Schafer for Blanco. Schafer’s clearly not ready, and maybe a change of scenery will ignite Blanco.

    I don’t see why the Braves shouldn’t try it. I mean, what we’re doing now certainly isn’t working.

    Also, we should search Triple A for older outfielder types who have power but no place to play. Guys like Barbaro Canizares except for someone who can actually play outfield. This shouldn’t be too expensive to get someone like this in a trade.

    Or, perhaps we could go ahead and give Canizares a chance to play LF.

    I think it was Jeremy yesterday who suggested searching the Mexican League for outfielders. I think that’s a good idea as well.

  18. We could try Jo-Jo in left field.

    He’s not a bad hitter, and then we can do lefty-lefty and righty-righty matchups all game long!

  19. Another reason to start replacing outfielders is the defense, as all three regular outfielders are very bad. The Braves are eighth in the league in runs allowed per game, but their defense-independent factors are all very good — fewest homers allowed, fifth-most strikeouts, fifth-fewest walks. The infield defense is pretty good, especially at first and short. Replace some outfielders and you’ll see that ERA go down.

  20. Also, we should search Triple A for older outfielder types who have power but no place to play. Guys like Barbaro Canizares except for someone who can actually play outfield. This shouldn’t be too expensive to get someone like this in a trade.

    If we’d done this a year ago, we might already have Nelson Cruz.

  21. Let me clarify by saying when I talk about Triple A guys who have no place to play, I mean guys who are blocked from the Major League level at their organization.

  22. On Nelson Cruz,

    Almost all of his home road split above was because of BAPIP. It is 80 points lower on hte road. BA is 80 points lower. SLG is 80 points lower.

  23. I was using Bill James Online and the plus/minus stats. Four Braves are in the positional top tens there — Kotchman, KJ, Prado (at third) and Infante (at short). Yunel was in the top ten before missing the last couple of games. The outfielders are all below par, though Schafer is improving.

    Baseball Reference keeps track of the traditional statistics.

  24. 29 year old Shelley Duncan (another one of Dave’s sons?) is hitting .295/369/669 with 15 homers for the Yankees’ Triple A team. I don’t think New York has room for him in their outfield…

    31 year old John Rodriguez is on the same team and has a .298/376/557 line with 9 homers.

    27 year old Jake Fox is hitting .423/503/886 with 17 homers for the Iowa Cubs. I’m surprised they haven’t called him up yet.

    31 year old Dee Brown is hitting .297/385/636 with 10 homers for the Albuquerque Isotopes.

    ….Any one of these guys would likely be an upgrade in one of our outfield corners. And there’s a lot more than just these guys in Triple A. I can’t see how they would be all that difficult to acquire in a trade.

  25. (rant)

    I’ve been a Baseball Prospectus subscriber for about six years now, but I’ve finally decided to let it lapse. I dig some of the advanced metrics, but I’ve always been a little bugged by their proprietary secrecy, which prevents the larger community from applying objective rigor (not to mention that following PECOTA has never resulted in a fantasy league championship by yours truly).

    And then there’s the either self-impressed or self-conscious writing styles of several of their contributors — primarily Kahrl and Carroll. I believe they get paid by the “wishcast” ($1) and “heaven forfend” ($5).

    But the final straw was listening to Will Carroll on the Bill Simmons podcast a couple of weeks ago. He came off smug from the start, and then Simmons asked him about Dr. James Andrews, whereupon Carroll went into full-on jackass mode. Describing Andrews’ voice as similar to Foghorn Leghorn, Carroll went on to opine that, while a southern accent may be reassuring in politicians, it doesn’t inspire a lot of confidence when it’s coming from your surgeon. He sounded immensely pleased with himself for making this trenchant cultural observation, and I decided right then not to give BP another dime. Sayonara, jerk.


  26. Braves 14,

    Duncan is another of Dave Duncan’s kids. He has had some success in streaks at ML level.

    Fox is widely believed to be useless except at 1B or DH. Like worse than Burrell or Dunn in the outfield.

  27. He mentioned traveling there to visit Andrews, but nothing about living there.

  28. If Medlen can OPS 900 plus at AA and AAA, then maybe he needs to play right, Francoeur needs to pitch 6th inning against righthanders, and Campillo needs to come back and start. We might be improving 3 positions.

  29. Mac,

    On the + / -, is Diaz positive? I was wondering how his knee would respond after last year.

    That stat is cumulative, not a rate stat, and when you figure he hasn’t played even half of the left field games, he could be a low positive number and still be quite effective.

  30. That’s funny, sansho; I’ve never subscribed to BPro primarily because I perceive Will Carroll to be such a huge douche.

  31. Guys,

    Gorkys is the only real position player prospect we have that isn’t at ML level that can play as soon as next year. We don’t need to move him.

    We have tons of pitching. Most teams are moaning for pitching.

    I understand tha problem with trading with the Rangers (they skinned us, so tradre beware) but they ARE a reasonable target. They have Millwood and Padilla in walk years and neither is likely to be resigned. They have some good younger guys coming up (Holland now and Feliz soon). But they need an ML ready arm.

    Morton for Cruz would be pretty fair. Maybe throw in a low pitcher.

  32. Plus, all Rockies hitters need to be discounted by about 10% on OPS. So, if a 900 guy becomes a 810 guy, he isn’t worth as much.

  33. Rob Copenhaver FTW on that facebook page:

    “Jeff Francoeur is simply terrible.”

  34. Do you really think the Rangers are going to trade a guy on pace for 40 HR for a guy who had a 6.15 ERA last year? Morton could be the throw-in, but they’d never take him as the main piece.

  35. Earlier sombody said something about 1 great outfielder versus 2 pretty good ones.

    At this point, we have 600 ops at all 3 of spots except when Diaz plays. His fielding and arm are not well suited to anywhere other than left. And, there is no real reason to think that any of those clowns will go over 750 this year.

    So, if you get 2 800 -850 0ps guys (say Swisher and Willingham) you are about 200 points better at 2 lineup positions and that is worth 36 points of team ops. So, to do that good with one player, you would have to get Manny or somebody like that.

  36. Id take two good OF’rs over one great one in a heartbeat, make them both RH or SH at least. I wouldnt include any position player in a deal though. Once Nady comes back you’d think Swisher could be had and Cleveland will move Derosa


  37. so what are the chances that Medlen makes this start and one more then Hanson gets called up after that? Weiters is getting the call from Baltimore on friday and I think Hanson would be called up after the June 1st date. I dont see how the Braves can think Glavine will be productive and if they keep him off the roster it saves at least $1 mil if not more. Seems like a waste, but I dont know how you can do that

  38. I think Medlen is probably here (barring injury) until Glavine comes off of the DL (also barring injury).

  39. Matt Holliday, after a terrible start, has pretty decent stats and has hit five homeruns in May and has an OPS over of .876 for May too.

    I think it’d be good to get him if the A’s have made him available.

  40. wow…the Frenchy denial. This is the reason I want him gone

    per Peanuts blog…

    “Francoeur provided opportunity: When Garret Anderson and Brian McCann returned to the lineup, Jeff Francoeur wasn’t happy about the fact that he was primarily hitting seventh, where he says pitchers were less apt to pitch to him because he had Jordan Schafer and the pitcher’s spot sitting behind him.”

    so now its Schafer’s fault? Jeff it isnt because of other players that you missed two straight fastballs in the center of the plate with the bases loaded yesterday. Jeff’s a clown and needs to look at himself. McCann blamed himself yesterday for the loss and IM sure he gets respect from his teammates for that.

  41. not when you swing at everything, but you make a great point.

    Is it just me or does it seem very odd that struggling pitchers are all hitting the DL this year? So not missing bats is a good way to get injured I guess

  42. per DOB

    Buddy Carlyle to the DL for a neck strain, injury he suffered last summer in that collision with Kouzminoff of the Padres. Had an injection at that time that got him through season, but it acted up again this spring and he said it’s affected his mechanics and his velocity for the past six weeks.

    CAMPILLO is replacing him, scheduled to arrive before game tonight.

    1. KJ, 2B
    2. Kotchman, 1B
    3. Chipper, 3B
    4. McCann, C
    5. Anderson, LF
    6. Francoeur, RF
    7. Hernandez, SS
    8. Schafer, CF
    9. Medlen, RH

  43. Remember when Mark Wohlers had his issues? The “inability to pitch” term is still my favorite DL reason.

    I wonder why it took so long for them to put Carlyle on the DL.

    That lineup after McCann looks scary bad.

  44. I actually believe it about Buddy, he had a sick stretch last summer where he was dominant.
    To become so bad so fast makes it feasible.

  45. Wow just read the Peanut blog. Frenchy is getting the full on Marcus Giles treatment.

  46. It seems the Braves PR team is putting the Frenchy dump in motion. Amazing how Bowman and the AJC are suddenly and simultaneously against him.

  47. Aubrey Huff used to play some outfield, didn’t he? Watching the Cards-Brewers game and they speculated that he may be on the block. Wonder what it would take to get him from the Orioles.

  48. @50: Is there an actual Francoeur quote in any of that? I don’t put much stock in blog post paraphrasing. I highly doubt Jeff thinks the main reason for his decline in production from April to May was because of where he was hitting, but I’d be pretty worried if he wasn’t disappointed with the lack of quality pitches he sees in front of Schafer and the pitcher’s spot.

    @53: The problem with that argument is that a walk does very little good when it’s coming in front of a guy who’s putting up a .161/.293/.258 line with men on, and a .103/.265/.103 line with RISP… and yes, you read that right, .103 SLUG%! Jeff has expanded his strike zone in numerous at-bats as he, rightly, understands he’s the last good chance to drive them in.

    @58: Yeah, mental health issues are totally hilarious… Get real, anxiety can be just as debilitating as any groin strain or turf toe.

  49. Wow, what a douche bag statement from Francoeur.

    Stu, I figured that just said it all.

  50. Tommy Hanson’s pitching line:

    7 IP, 5 H, 1 R, 1 ER, 2 BB, 9 K (ND), 105 pitches

  51. Alright, this is getting ridiculous. In the Braves Journal league I have had Vlad, Ankiel, Posada, Frank Francisco and Rich Harden spend time on the DL. Now I get Vlad and Ankiel back and Jason Bartlett goes on the DL.

  52. Gadfly, point of the matter is Francoeur still cant hit good pitches plain and simple. It doesnt matter who’s behind Frenchy, he still swings at balls in the LH batters box and cant catch up to an avg MLB fastball with his swing

  53. @67: Again, is there an actual statement, or are we knocking Jeff based on what a guy felt he heard coming from him, taken out of context from a conversation we know nothing about?

    Even the paraphrasing isn’t exact. It doesn’t say he felt that it was wrong to hit him 7th, nor was he saying it was Schafer’s fault, he just wasn’t happy he wasn’t getting more quality pitches to hit.

    Would you like your players to be happy when they aren’t getting the best opportunities to succeed?

  54. @ Gadfly – I don’t know what it will take to get you off of Frenchy’s side, but if it hasn’t happened by now (with even Peanut saying he’s all but done), then I don’t know that there is any hope for you man.

  55. @69: Just be glad you had enough DL spots to hold on to some or all of those guys… The leagues I’m in only have 1 DL spot, and in one of them I had: Brandon Webb, Aramis Ramirez, Vlad, Jose Valverde, Ryan Ludwick, Joakim Soria, Ervin Santana… and Chipper on the perpetual non-DL DL. It’s taken some fancy handling, but I’ve managed to stay in 2nd place.

    @70: You’re exaggerating a bit there, but I get your point. Obviously it isn’t the only problem, but putting him in a situation where he’s regularly not seeing (m)any good pitches doesn’t make the matter any better.

    Jeff started the year with much improved pitch selection, and he had no problem hitting quality pitches all through March and April. That said, he hasn’t actually hit 7th too much this year… though hitting 6th in front of Diory Hernandez doesn’t make a whole lot of difference either… Can anyone tell me why Diory is ahead of Schafer btw? I was kind of surprised they didn’t take that opportunity to move Schafer out of the 8th hole.

  56. Frenchy will only get better pitches to hit when and only when he stops swinging at balls. You could put Pujols behind him and he’d still get crap pitches

    Livan Hernandez just pitched a complete game against the Nats

  57. Because Diory is supposedly hot as a .355 hitter at Triple A.

    Phillies lead the Marlins 5-2 in the 9th

  58. @73: I am not, nor have I ever been “on Frenchy’s side,” I’m on the Braves side, and I have a respect for language and proper journalism. Until the Braves have a suitable replacement for Jeff Francoeur, which they currently do not, I will continue to correct people who feel that he does not help this team… especially people who make the audacious and inaccurate claim that he has never helped this team.

    Once the Braves make a move to replace him, whenever that may be, I will evaluate that move by the same criteria I evaluate any move.

  59. #77

    swinging at strikes is indeed the key, but he must also shorten his swing. He’s been missing hittable fastballs in the 90 mph range that would be called strikes. The point is, he has approach and mechanical hitting flaws.

  60. @77: Did you watch Jeff play any this Spring or in April? He really was much more discipline at the plate… though admittedly he still has a lot of room for improvement.

    That’s part of the reason why he’s been given so many chances by this organization. His production in 2007 was really quite good, but if, and this is a big IF, he ever manages to add consistent plate discipline to that level of production his ceiling is limitless.

  61. @82: He does, clearly. These problems are magnified when he’s put in a situation where he’s consistently being pitched around, and simultaneous being counted on to produce runs before the black hole that is the 8th and 9th hole of this lineup ends the inning.

    If Jeff came out and said “Schafer’s sucks and hitting in front of him is the only reason I’m doing poorly this year” then he’s a jerk and an idiot… But until I hear an actual quote I’ll give my players the benefit of the doubt that he was just venting a legitimate frustration.

  62. You know, I was just thinking, after reviewing some of Tony Pena, Jr.’s defensive stats from 2007, if he can learn to make contact, hit for power, and take a walk, that guy’s ceiling is limitless. Why don’t the Royals ever play him?

  63. I was thinking the same thing about Bill Bergen’s reanimated corpse. That dude could play some D, let me tell you. If he could finally develop some of that patience, power, and contact ability, his ceiling is limitless.

  64. Gadfly, don’t confuse being pitched around with not getting many strikes because he’ll just swing at anything anyway. There is a fine line there, but if this is truly the case, then Francoeur should just take his walks. That would give his argument a bit more credibility, as would producing when he hits higher in the order.

  65. I think the point many of us are trying to make is that Frenchy, while he may be the best option the Braves have at the moment, is still one of the worst everyday players in the major leagues.

    The fact that he’s arguably the 2nd best outfielder (behind Free Matt Diaz) on the Braves says more about the putrid state of our outfielders than it does about Francoeur’s ability to contribute. At some point he has to demonstrate that he can return to his 2007 production levels. At that point he would be a serviceable player, but certainly not an All-Star.

    And, at some point, an observer has to decide that enough time has passed that such a return to form is unlikely to ever happen in Atlanta. And for me, 200+ games of sub .300 OBP have convinced me that Francoeur is not going to turn it around. Would I gladly admit my mistake if Jeff did start hitting at a .285/.335/.400 pace? Of course, and I believe most true fans would as well. But he has not demonstrated an ability to make the adjustments necessary to reach his prior performance level.

    So I have concluded – perhaps erroneously, perhaps correctly, that Francoeur is not now, nor is ever going to be, the answer to the Braves RF problem. And now that the Front Office’s mouthpieces in the media have started to say the same thing, the only question now seems to be who can we get to replace him.

  66. At the risk of sounding sexist, I get really irritated by the woman who announces at AT&T Park. I also hate Jeanne Zelasko.

  67. #92

    I went to a Braves-Giants game there in 05 (HoRam started and we lost), and I hardly noticed the lady public address announcer. I notice her more on tv that I did in person.

  68. From Rotoworld: “Whatever it takes to get him off the roster. Bonfire Buddy has an 8.84 ERA in 19 1/3 innings and has allowed a run in each of his past five appearances. Jorge Campillo will be activated to take his roster spot.”

    I just love the nickname Bonfire Buddy. Gotta love our Braves!

  69. Francouer could use a day off–so can I (from him playing). That he continues to play every day, every inning, is truly the odd thing as far as I’m concerned. Everybody else sits once in while. It truly reminds me of Daddy ball players in amateur leagues where Daddy’s boy/girl plays every inning no matter what, while other players take a turn sitting. So, my question: Is Frenchy Bobby Cox’s lovechild?

  70. Stop the presses…Anderson beat out an infield hit! I know, it was to Renteria, but that’s still pretty surprising.

  71. After that praise, he doesn’t bother running to 2nd on a groundball force play. Figures.

    Boog floats the possibility of Escobar going to the DL…

  72. Anyone just notice all all the braves players were at the rail watching the game and Francoeur is in the back sitting by himself on the bench…. what a worthless bum

  73. Lincecum is clearly struggling…hard liners by Jeff and Jordan this inning!

    In fairness, I’ll credit Francoeur for turing on a good hard fastball and hitting it with some authority.

  74. I received a copy of the phone conversation transcript between Ken Rosenthal and the unnamed GM which prompted him to write that the Red Sox are eyeing Francoeur:
    Rosenthal: Hi there, Mr. GM. What can you tell me about the market for Francoeur?
    GM: Well, Ken, as you most probably know, there isn’t much of one. For some reason, Dayton Moore still loves him. I don’t know why.
    Rosenthal: Come on, Mr. GM. Tell me something everyone doesn’t already know.
    GM: That’s pretty much all I know, Ken. No team in their right mind really wants him.
    Rosenthal: Can’t you give me ANYTHING?
    GM: Well, this isn’t real news, but you might find it entertaining. At one point, the Red Sox actually looked at bringing Francoeur in. Can you imagine? I mean, talk about a player completely opposite their philosophy.
    Rosenthal: I’ll go with that.

  75. This is why francoeur sucks Hanan… I mean think about what you just said. You are giving credit to a MAJOR LEAGUE HITTER (or at least that’s what he pretends to be) for turning on a good hard fastball and hitting it with some authority??? Gimme a break, that’s something you say about a little leaguer who’s facing the kid who throws the hardest in the league. Not to a millionaire starting RF for the braves.

  76. Listen Jon, i’m no fan of Francoeur, but I’ll gladly credit a hitter for a good AB just as i’ll criticize one for a poor AB. Lincecum is a stud, a top 5 starter in MLB. He’s not out there throwing batting practice.

  77. Well give credit where credit is due Hanan… an out is an out. He doesn’t deserve credit

  78. Medlen sucks… the kid isn’t ready for the majors flat out he’s overmatched even against one of the worst offensive teams in MLB

  79. Anybody think we’re going to score two runs tonight? Anyone?

    Check that, four. Another McCann misplay too, disappointing.

  80. Bmac needs to start letting the ball come to the plate, he’s taking throws three feet in front of the plate and then trying to make a leaping tag

  81. Walk the pitcher…pay the price.

    meanwhile, we waste Hanson starts on Medlin, Reyes and probably Glavine to save a few $$$.

  82. McCann defense has been horrible. Is that 1st base option still alive. Anyway, guess I will not need to stay up for this one.

    They are making Giants look like the Yankees. Pathetic

  83. Medlen just looks frightened. And as he himself said of his first start, he once again “hit the panic button.” It would be nice to see how he pitches with even a one-run lead sometime … but that won’t be tonight.

  84. Good 2 go Rob although its not looking like a good night!!! dang you can’t walk the pitcher come on Med!

  85. Medlen should be optioned out after tonight.

    Hanson pitched tonight, so he’ll be available to pitch on what would be Medlen’s next start.

    Start the damn countdown.

  86. Morton will be the next “victim” until Glavine comes back.

    I thought the Giants’ offense was supposed to suck?

  87. #133 – it sucks, but ours is worse. Throwing BP fastballs to Aaron Rowand and walking Lincecum doesnt help either

    there is no reason to delay Hanson any longer, he’s our best option if we are wanting to win

  88. Okay, I’m confused. I thought your foot had to be on the rubber until you released the ball.

  89. I can’t remember the last time we had a good series in San Francisco. It’s like a wasteland every time we go out there.

  90. Seven runs in the seventh inning Sunday. Ten runs in the other 47 innings since Thursday.

  91. not sure why, but why pull Medlen there. He’d set down 11 in a row and was only at 85 pitches. We’re down 4 and have no chance of scoring 4 runs tonight. Save the pen

  92. Lincecum definitely has a slight tell on his changeup. Can’t quite put my finger on it, yet, but I can see it coming as he loads up.

  93. There were a couple of tough lefties coming up, too. Medlen had been pitching pretty well, but no use keeping him out there against good left-handed hitters when we’ve got O’Flaherty.

    I’d say Medlen should make another start. He was terrible in the second, but he showed flashes of his AAA form. I’d like him to make a quality start before we try to trade him.

  94. Here’s a gif of Pablo Sandoval losing his concentration on the basepaths:

    Ugh. Grandpa said there’d be game like these. Doesn’t make it any more fun to watch.

  95. It seems like opponents have taken advantage of every opening Medlen has given them. He only allowed 4 hits over 5.1 innings, but as is often the case, the walks killed him. Hopefully he’ll learn how to control this in his next start.

    I’m really surprised Lincecum is still in the game after 115 pitches.

  96. I got up early enough to see Medlen’s meltdown, which cost the Braves any real chance they had at beating Lincecum. That said, I think that it is far too early to write off Medlen. For one thing, I like the way he battled back in subseqent innings.

    My gut feeling is that the Braves will wait a bit longer before bringing up Hanson….

  97. Who can blame Medlen when the offense scores zero run? I don’t care it’s Lincecum, but the guy carries an ERA of over 3 coming into today’s game. If the offense scored two or three runs, then it’s a different story.

  98. I think DOB did a good job today analyzing the trade market. There are just not much out there that is worth pulling the trigger. I think we will need to bear with this offense for another month at least.

  99. @103: You guys are hilarious… You know I heard that Francoeur likes to eat Lucky Charms for breakfast… and Lucky Charms have a leprachaun on the box, which reminds me of the Celtics, who beat the Hawks in the playoffs last year, and the Hawks play in Atlanta, so clearly Jeff hates Atlanta… he’s such a douche…

    @90: I understand your points, and 200 games is certainly enough of a sample size to make an informed decision. Obviously we can do better in RF, and CF, and LF, but there’s a difference between saying that and saying the kind of self-righteous crap that gets bandied about around here way too often. (I’m not saying you’re the one that says any of that, I find your case logical and stated very respectfully.)

    Personally, I thought Jeff’s potential and his past performance earned him a full season last year before we should give up on him. His rebound over the last month and a half of ’08 earned him two months to start this season. His hot start and improved run production (over last year,) coupled with the other OF holes and our precarious competitive hopes has led me to extend that through the All-Star Break. If we could actually find a trading partner today that was willing to give up ML-ready talent and take on his contract, I would certainly consider it, but I find it hard to believe that we could do anything more than swap reclamation projects at this point… and I’d rather stick with the devil I know.

  100. @89: Here’s the situation: You come up with a runner on 2nd or 3rd, and there’s a guy slugging .103 with RISP on deck, with the pitcher in the hole. Do you really think it would be anything but selfish to sit back and take borderline hittable pitches to up your OBP and prove a point? In that situation, Jeff’s job is to drive in runs, especially when he’s batting in front of the black hole in the 8th and 9th spots in the Braves’ order. Go ask the ’07 Giants how many games Barry Bonds’ dozens of walks won them.

    @124: We’re not “wasting starts” on Medlen, Reyes or Glavine to save money on Hanson. That’s a nice bonus, but it isn’t the main reason. Kyle Davies is the reason the Braves want to take it slow with Tommy Hanson… not to mention Kerry Wood, Mark Prior, Francisco Liriano, etc. etc. Remember Tommy pitched quite a bit this offseason too, so if we really expect anything out of him down the stretch, when it really matters, we need to pace him, and that is much easier to do in the minors than in Atlanta… especially with this bullpen.

  101. I love how Peanut’s official recap completely blames Medlen for the loss and spends about one paragraph talking about how the Braves scored 0 runs. 5.1 innings and 4 runs on 2 walks and 3 Ks isn’t that bad, especially when those 4 runs in the 2nd inning were the only ones allowed the entire game.

  102. Remember Tommy pitched quite a bit this offseason too, so if we really expect anything out of him down the stretch, when it really matters, we need to pace him, and that is much easier to do in the minors than in Atlanta… especially with this bullpen.

    I agree with this. I’m glad the Braves are taking it relatively easy on Hanson and that they aren’t working him hard at the Major League level yet…especially when it appears that he wouldn’t make more than a 1 or 2 game difference for the Braves, if even that.

  103. Come on Gadfly….I’m not buying any of that logic with Hanson. The Braves are talking out of both sides of their mouths. They say they want to complete, but their top prospect is pitching lights out on the farm while we continue to lose every game pitched by JoJo Reyes and Kris Medlin. It doesn;t matter anyway, they’re not going to win ANYTHING with this outfield.

  104. Francoeur may have bought a little time with his last month last year, and there has been slight improvement in a few areas this year (very few). However, with our current outfield, we need POWER, and it looks like Jeff has lost it – even when he was hitting at his best. Having an outfield of Francoeur (.362 slg%), Anderson (.315 slg%), and Schafer (.302 slg%) is completely unacceptable. Frenchy needs to go and Anderson should be close behind him. We also need an alternative to Schafer.

    Trade Francoeur and prospect(s) for someone who can play right and center if needed, release Anderson and call up Brandon Jones. This won’t give us an outfield that is actually good, but it will be improved. That’s about all we can hope for this year.

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